How to Help Someone Struggling with Drug Addiction

It is difficult to see a loved one or friend destroying their own life piece by piece. We take physical diseases serious but underestimate what a mental problem can do to a person. Psychological issues like addiction, anxiety and depression are just as dangerous as any other disease and require treatment to be healed. These patients even lose people around them. If you want to help someone going through such a situation, here’s how you can help them.

Symptoms to Identify

Before you jump to any conclusion, make sure that the person really is suffering from addiction. You will see physical and behavioral changes in them if they are an addict. Drug addicts have too many mood swings and usually distant from their family. They often get in trouble at school and office. Their interest in life decreases and they don’t participate in anything nor have hobbies. You might also notice them spending too much money somewhere. If you are a close friend of an addict, he will most probably ask you for financial assistance.

Learn About Their Addiction

To help addicts, you have to first understand their condition. Learn about the drugs they use, the effects it can have, and medical treatment required for it. The more you know about their addiction, the better you will be able to help them. It will also validate whether the issue with that person is drug abuse or something else. People going through mental trauma also have similar symptoms.

Let Them Know You Care

Once you have learned everything there is to learn about their problem; it’s time to approach them. Don’t confront them; instead let them know you understand and want to help. They are likely to deny their condition. You should also know that this acceptance phase isn’t very easy. They have to accept that they are sick, only then will they be able to get treatment. Make them feel loved, valued, and cared for. They might get hostile with you and say things that offend you – know that it’s not their fault.

Convince Them to Get Help

It might take some time, but the best thing you can do for an addict is to make them realize they are sick and need help. According to Futures, an addiction treatment center in Palm Beach, addiction is a complex chronic medical condition that needs coordinated care of a professional. You need proper planning and patience to deal with them in this stage. Wrong words can make them feel threatened by you.To ease the transition, encourage them to seek treatment in a relaxing setting, such as the beaches of rehabs in Florida, or the quiet mountains surrounding Colorado treatment centers.”

Don’t Say These Things

They will hate you and separate themselves from you. Moreover, they won’t even listen to anything you say. It is important that you make them trust you. Make sure you don’t lecture or preach them. Never say things that make them feel bad about themselves. Some try to make them feel guilty, which is a horrible idea. Emotional appeals will instead increase the use of drugs. Don’t argue about anything; moreover, don’t try to cover up the abuse.

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