How to help companies make your favorite products even better

Sometimes you buy a product and you couldn’t be happier with what you’ve received. Unfortunately often the opposite is true, and you can feel like you’ve wasted your money on something that’s not quite right. Here are some ways you can make sure the product you buy is perfect every time.

Take part in market research (and get paid for it!)

The best way to have your opinion heard by a brand is to take part in market research. Nearly every big business around the world regularly carries out research to find out what customers think of their product and see if there are any things they need to improve on. It’s also a big part of the process of developing new products before they go on the shelves.

You could literally be helping design your perfect product. The even better news is that you could even get paid for helping a company out. Many businesses will happily pay you in exchange for your opinions to make sure they get the most accurate data possible. Find a website, for example Branded Surveys, which works with some of the biggest brands and the most respected research firms in the industry. Once you’ve signed up, they’ll offer you the chance to take part in surveys on a wide range of different topics. Once you’ve completed them, you’ll earn credits that can be turned into money into your bank, PayPal account or even Amazon vouchers.

Tell them when they’ve gone wrong

If you’re not happy with a product or service you’ve recently paid money for, it’s important that you complain about it. Find the brand on social media and write a post explaining why you weren’t happy. If other people spot it and agree with you, they might even like it or comment below it with an example of a similar problem. Any post like this is bad publicity for even the biggest of brands, and they’ll soon want to get in touch to help put the problem right. Sometimes, it can even be easier to get a product repaired or compensation paid out by going on social media than going through their customer service center.

Let your purse do the talking

If you’ve tried all of the above and the companies are still not listening to you, the best way to get them to take notice is with your purse. Whether it’s finding a new café to go to or a new brand of product to purchase instead, stop paying them money if you’re not happy with their product or service. If there are enough people who share the same opinion and stop buying the same products and services, the company will soon see a big fall in profits and want to change to fix any problems. Some companies have even been known to resort back to previous recipes when customers have complained about the taste of so-called “new” and “improved” recipes. It will likely mean that businesses will have wasted tens of thousands of dollars, but if the new product isn’t selling it’s something they’ll need to do to protect the future of their brand.



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