How To Have A Perfect Hair Drying Experience: MelodySusie Fast Drying Hair Dryer

“Bring your nail salon home” has always been a service goal that MelodySusie adheres to. They state “We want to offer our customers more choices in the beauty and fashion field while providing cost-effective solutions.” Indeed, MelodySusie has delivered a salon-quality blowout experience for me at home.

The six features that impressed me the most when using MelodySusie’s Professional Portable Ionic Hair Dryer:

1. Hair Drying Takes Only 1-8 Minutes

Instead of relying on high heat, this hair dryer relies on a high-speed brushless motor that rotates at up to 120,000 RPM to dry hair quickly. The faster motor speed increases airflow and improves drying efficiency in the same amount of time. Tests have shown that it dries short hair in less than 3 minutes, medium-length hair in less than 5 minutes, and even long hair in about 8 minutes. It saves me so much time!

Hair Drying Takes Only 1-8 Minutes

2. Thermostatic Ionic Technology and NTC Intelligent Temperature Control

64 million high-density negative ions care technology protects every strand of hair, realizing hair care effects from the moment you start blow-drying. The frizz-reducing effect can also be felt in a quick blow-dry. This hair dryer also has a smart chip for temperature control, so you no longer have to worry about high temperatures in one spot causing damage to your hair.

3. Stepless Speed Control

I’ve never tried a hair dryer that allows me to easily control the wind speed at will by simply sliding my fingers through the rollers. Adjusting it to high speed quickly transforms my hair into smooth, silky straight locks in the morning or bouncy curls for parties. Combine it with the diffuser nozzle for a gentle and efficient way to create voluminous hair.

Stepless Speed Control

4.  Low Noise and Light-weight

Low noise! This is really important for my hair-drying experience! I really don’t like the feeling of turning on my hair dryer and drowning out all the sounds around me. The H-S160E has been tested in several noise comparison tests and maintains a comfortably low noise level even at the highest speeds. It is also gentle enough for both children and pets. In addition, the lightweight handle greatly reduces the burden on your wrists, so no more feeling the constant buzzing in your head and pain in your wrists after blow-drying your hair.

5. Stylish Display Screen with Clear Instructions

It can display the temperature in three colors, which is a perfect combination of fashion and technology. Simply press the temperature adjustment button to quickly switch to the desired temperature. Blue, orange, and red colors represent normal, medium, and high temperatures respectively. The current airflow rate can also be monitored by observing the progress shown in the halo around the screen.

Stylish Display Screen with Clear Instructions

6. Affordable and Efficient

Affordable and efficient, isn’t that the best rule for our shopping? The suitable price and efficiency allow us to have a quick salon experience at home, and we save time and money at the same time. Voluminous curls and sleek straight hair can be met without the extra hassle of a nozzle. However, MelodySusie offers both a smoothing nozzle and a diffusion nozzle (to be launched in late November), providing versatility of use and the best value for money. Additionally, a removable filter at the end of the handle ensures that hair doesn’t clog the dryer, greatly extending its lifespan.

Affordable and Efficient

The unique features of this hair dryer have given me an extraordinary experience. I am also deeply impressed by MelodySusie’s spirit of continuous innovation, self-improvement, and embracing challenges. Looking forward to more innovative products from MelodySusie that redefine beauty and self-care.