How to Get Your Husband to Dress Better

You love your husband. He’s sweet, kind, and supportive. He can even be pretty romantic and charming from time to time. But if you have one qualm, it’s that he has terrible style. He wears old t-shirts, jeans that are too big for him, and horrendous “dad” shoes that make him look a decade older than he is.

You’ve always assumed that he would figure the whole fashion thing out, but here you are – years into the relationship – and nothing has changed. If anything, his sense of style has become even worse. 

Is there a way to get your husband to dress better? And, if so, where do you begin?

What Not to Do…

Let’s begin by explaining what you should not do:

  • Don’t tell him he has terrible style and make him feel like a loser.
  • Don’t go through his closet and donate everything.
  • Don’t tell him that this is how he has to dress.

When you do these things, you put your husband on the defense. (If that’s how you’re acting, why would he want to change for you?) Instead, you need to approach things from a more strategic angle.

5 Tips to Improve His Fashion and Style

Improving someone else’s fashion and style is hard – particularly when it starts as your prerogative and not theirs. But with the following gentle suggestions, you can have your husband dressing better in a matter of weeks.

  • Make Shopping Fun

For some men, their fashion problems stem from a disdain for shopping. They can’t stand going into stores, browsing, or trying on clothing. They don’t like online shopping either. They’d much rather spend their time doing something else. And if you want to improve your husband’s wardrobe, this is problematic.

The key is to make shopping fun. You can do this by eliminating all of the friction points that frustrate him and making it as smooth as possible. Furthermore, you should try combining shopping with other activities that he finds fun. For example, if he loves to play tennis, you might plan a date where you go shopping for an hour and then play tennis.  

  • Make the Fit a Priority

You can instantly improve a guy’s style by helping him find clothing that genuinely fits. This is particularly important when it comes to suits. Tailored men’s suits aren’t as expensive as you might think, but they can make a world of a difference.

  • Match His Personality

Don’t try to make your husband into someone he isn’t. If you want him to stick with the fashion changes he makes, the style should match his personality. In other words, it needs to be something he likes wearing. 

If he prefers a classic look, don’t try to get him to wear skinny jeans and graphic t-shirts. If he likes being casual and relaxed, don’t force him to wear button downs and khakis all the time. There are plenty of good options in every style.

  • Get the Details Right

Major changes aren’t always necessary. A man can really improve his style by getting the small details right. Scott Christian of Glamour says he most often gets complimented on his pocket square and tie bar.

“They’re little things that a lot of people won’t necessarily zero in on but will round out a man’s look in a way that will set him apart from the herd,” Christian writes. “Things like tie bars, pocket squares, surgeon’s buttons (buttons that actually function) on the cuffs of his suit jacket, and collar pins.” 

  • Lead By Example

Don’t expect anything from your husband that you aren’t willing to do yourself. Lead by example and show him that you’re willing to better yourself, too. It might not be fashion for you, but it could be something that he wants for you – like spending more time together or learning a hobby that he’s interested in. Marriage is all about supporting one another. If you want your voice to be valued and heard, you must also value his voice.

Adding it All Up

You can’t wave a magic wand and turn your husband into a GQ model. But improvement and progress are realistic goals. If you can gradually improve his style over time, you’ll be able to chalk that up as a win. And, who knows – small wins today could lead to even more progress down the road. 

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