How to Get Stress Relief Night or Day

Dealing with stress is something that can severely impact our lives. If we aren’t able to deal with it quickly enough, it can end up taking a toll on our health, our mental wellbeing and our enjoyment of life altogether.

We’re not going to beat around the bush, the last two years have been full of stress. From a global pandemic changing the way we all live to world events that are redefining modern society, it can be easy to feel the stress of the world.

And more so than those big stresses, we have the little stresses to deal with each day too. The stress of work, the stress of finding work, the stress of our family and friends, the stress of strangers and the stress that just comes with being alive.

But there is no reason to suffer from stress all your life. There are various ways to get relief from stress both during the day and at night. We’re going to share all our tips with you for both the light and dark hours of the day, allowing you to live a more stress-free life around the clock.

How to Relieve Stress During the Day

1. Take a Botanical Remedy

To start your day off calmly, take a botanical remedy like R3SET with your breakfast. Made of purely natural ingredients that are designed to help you both physically and mentally, this added boost of calmness is the perfect way to combat feelings of stress throughout the day.

2. Make Time to Workout

Schedule your day accordingly so that you always have time to work out for at least thirty minutes a day. It really doesn’t matter what you do—the goal is to simply move, get your blood flowing and work towards a goal. Whether you want to run, swim, dance, skate or surf, any activity that gets your heart rate pumping and you moving is a great way to work out and relieve feelings of stress.

3. Take Time to Meditate

You don’t need to be like the monks and meditate all day long. Even just five minutes a day can do wonders with helping you get stress relief during the day. It is a chance to recharge the batteries, be mindful of the present and take time to breathe. If you aren’t sure what to do, follow along to the endless free videos available online.

4. Ditch the Caffeine

If you feel jittery and stressed, perhaps cut back on the number of cups of coffee you have per day. Switch what may be your second, third or fourth cup and replace it with a smoothie, water or a calming tea.

How to Relieve Stress at Night

1. Take Another Botanical Remedy

Just like you started the day, end the day with another botanical remedy that is designed to help you reset and snooze off to sleep easily. With natural ingredients that are proven to aid in creating calmness and sleepiness, stress will never prohibit you from getting a good night sleep again.

2. Create a Relaxing Ambiance

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for you to retreat to and escape all your stresses. Make your bedroom feel like a safe haven by lighting candles, dimming the lights, playing calming acoustic music and investing in a bed you can’t wait to jump into.

3. Ditch the Screens

Being on your phone or tablet before bed could severely increase the stress you feel. Resist the temptation to be on your phone or around blue light at least 30 minutes before bed. This includes not going on social media or the news, which are notorious for feeding you stressful content and controlling your thoughts before bed.

4. Write in a Journal

Instead of staring at your phone before bed, take the time to write in a journal instead. This is a great place to list out any stresses and start to understand why they exist and what you can do to fix the problem. Another great thing to journal each night is a list of three things you are grateful for that day. It will help you focus on the positive and go to sleep with stress-free thoughts.

Maintaining a stress-free day and night is so important for your physical and mental wellbeing. There are many things that you can do during both the day and night to combat these stressful feelings. This includes taking botanical remedies filled with natural ingredients, taking time for yourself to workout and to relax and ending the day with self-reflection.