How to Get Proof of Employment: The Only Guide You Need

There are many times when you need proof of employment. You might need proof of employment when you’re buying a house, applying for a car loan, making a tenant application or when you’re working with a parole officer.

Whatever your reason is for needing proof of employment, we are here to help you today. Continue reading this article to learn how to do a verification of employment.

Use a Verification Service

A verification service can confirm the start and end dates of employment, their job title, duties at jobs, salary, and more. Depending on the state you’re in, the employer trying to learn about your proof of employment can learn why you were terminated.

If you don’t want your potential employer digging into all of that information, you might opt for something simpler like the next option.

Use Paystubs & Tax Records

Paystubs and tax records are an easy way to show proof of employment. If you haven’t had your job long enough to file taxes on it, you will only have proof of employment through paystubs.

If you’re self-employed, you might need to use a paystub generator to create your paystubs. If you don’t have your tax records on hand, you can contact your tax professional since they usually keep your records on hand for three to four years.

Get a Background Check

When your potential employer or the lender does a background check, they’ll be able to see your proof of employment as well as any legal problems you might have had. If you don’t have anything to hide, then a background check could be a good idea.

Your potential employer or lender will have to get your permission before doing a background check on you. Another part of your background they are going to check in most cases is your credit score.

Preparing to Get a Loan or a Job

The best thing you can do when you’re preparing to get a job or a loan is to keep your credit score in order and keep a consistent job history. Both a potential employer and lender want to see the same things and that is dependability and stability.

When you are getting everything together to show proof of employment, you should ask to see how much employment history you need to show. It might be a little difficult to pull up paystubs for a year or more back, which is why many employers are happy to take tax records as proof of income and employment.

Showing Your Proof of Employment

Sometimes having a job isn’t sufficient proof that you’re employed. You need to provide some paperwork!

With this guide, now you know how to show proof of employment and you’ll be able to get loans for a car, house, and other things you need.

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