How to Get Designers at a Discount?

In the fashion industry, you can never get enough of all the jaw-dropping elegance that comes with wearing designers. One would agree with the fact that designer outfits far outrank what other clothes have to offer. Now, why would anyone binge on designers? For starters, they’re extremely durable and retain their quality over an extended period (seeing as they’re made from the best of the best). They speak out your social status on any occasion, giving you the VIP looks. They also offer you a great value on re-sales in the future, should you plan on selling any one of them.

All those benefits hold for every designer outfit. But what happens when you’re only living on gap budgets and can’t afford to spend lavishly on designers? You give up on your chance of rocking your dream look? Of course, not! Don’t be too quick to throw in the towel. Here are five tips on how you can get designer outfits and jewelry while avoiding out-of-pocket situations.

Use Flash Sales to Your Advantage

Flash sale websites offer specific designer pieces at affordable prices. They package the merchandise in bulk and deliver them to the flash retailer. This way, you’re saved from the heavy-duty cash you have to pay for shipping and packaging. You also get to enjoy discounted prices from the retailer as well since they’re sold in bulk.

However, you should know that flash sales only last for specific periods, so you might want to be on the lookout for your brand while on the hunt. Go online, find out the websites, and subscribe to it.

Shop Off-season

The point is, shopping for certain pieces in the off-season is the best way to score deep discounts on some retailers looking to make space for the next big thing. You could buy a designer winter coat in the spring. You’re sure to get a good deal at any retail store.

Although, you might want to make sure what you’re buying will stay in vogue for a long time. To achieve this, make sure you pursue only classic pieces.

Patronize a Pawn Shop for Your Accessories

Pawnshops are always there for you anytime you need high-quality items at affordable prices. Jewels, goggles, accessories of any sort (even shoes), you’re sure to find them there. All you need to do is take a trip to your nearest Beverly Hills pawnshops, and you’re sure to get the best deals imaginable from them.

Buy Secondhand

You can still rock your dream look by getting some of the designer clothes second hand. However, if you’re going secondhand shopping, then you could try shopping at consignment stores. Thrift stores only rely on donations, which means   you only get high quality once in a blue moon. Consignments stores, on the other hand, purchase goods from the owners to sell for a profit; you’re sure to find high-quality merchandise from them 99% of the time. You could try getting those outfits for cheap at a pawn shop as well to see what you can find.

Swap with Friends

Getting yourself some designers don’t always mean going out of your way to purchase the perfect tux or dress to match. Why not arrange a meet with your friends and swap some clothing with them? There’s a high chance you might have what your friend wants and vice versa. Just give it a try and see how fun things get.

Remember, you only get high quality at a discount if you shop smart. Make sure this is what you do at every sale.


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