How to fix cracked vinyl seats

Vinyl seats are commonly used in upholstery and they should undergo regular maintenance to ensure that they are in the best condition. Vinyl repair is one of the maintenance routines that vinyl seats should undergo.  The repairs do not need to be undertaken by professionals as one can do it by the use of a vinyl repair kit.  There are several reasons why vinyl repair seats should be repaired as soon as they are cracked. One of the reasons is that they ensure that the seats look good.  It is important to note that seats are important in adding to the aesthetics of a car or place and should always be good looking.  Repairing vinyl also ensures that the torn and cracked parts do not enlarge. Repairing the vinyl stops the tear from enlarging. This might lead to more costs as it would require a full replacement or the repair of a larger torn part of the vinyl. Therefore, repairs and maintenance routines help in cutting costs.

There are various things that are needed to ensure a smooth vinyl repair process.  These items include, damp cloth or alcohol soaked cloth, repair cloth or fabric matching the area being repaired, Vinyl repair kit, a grain paper and a hair dryer.

Cleaning and removing exposed threads

The first step is to ensure that the cracked surface is clean.  One should use a pair of sharp scissors to remove any protruding or loose threads that may be visible. One should also use a damp cloth by rubbing alcohol or warm water on the surface. This ensures that the surface is free from any dirt or foreign particles that may interfere with the repair process.  After dampening the surface of the cracked vinyl it is therefore important to ensure that the place is dried up by allowing the alcohol to evaporate or getting a dry cloth to clean over the area.

Getting a repair cloth or fabric ready

The next step is that of ensuring that one has a vinyl cloth that is larger than the cracked area. It is advisable to use a cloth that is of a similar color to that of the damaged vinyl seat for blending.  After cutting the larger cloth, push it inside the cracked vinyl area. Ensure that the cloth spreads evenly inside the vinyl and covers the cracked area.  It is important to note that the cloth is supposed to replace the vinyl from the cracked area and you should not pull the vinyl together to cover the gap. This prevents the  cracked vinyl from further damage.

Using the Vinyl repair Kit

At this stage, one is supposed to take their vinyl repair kit and read the instructions. There are different vinyl repair kits and they all come with different instructions.   One of the steps required depending on the vinyl kit being used is that of mixing the colors to attain the required color combination.  However, one can choose a vinyl repair kit whereby the colors are already mixed and this prepares them for the next step.

Applying the Vinyl Repair Compound

After preparing the color compound, it is therefore important to ensure that one first applies a small amount on the area that is being repaired and let it dry. This is important as it ensures that one got the right color combination for their vinyl.  In any case one applies are large amount of the compound, it may be a bit difficult for them to reverse the process. If the applied color compound does not match the vinyl seat cover they can always repeat the process until they attain the required color. When the vinyl repair color is attained, use a spatula to spread the colored compound over the torn vinyl.  This should also cover the torn vinyl and leave it to dry for about an hour.  If one does not have the liberty to wait for that long they can opt to use a hair dryer. This fastens the process to ensure that the compound dries faster to progress to the next step.

Embedding the Grain Paper

After the applied compound is dry, apply a second thin layer of the compound on the surface being repaired and place a grain paper on top. It is important to ensure that the grain paper gently lies on the surface by pushing it using a heavy object or holding unto it for a few minutes.  This ensures that the grain paper is embedded on the surface.

Removing the embedded grain paper

After the compound has dried for a few hours or after the use of a hair dryer to fasten the process, carefully and gently remove the grain paper from the surface.  If the paper is still wet, replace and repeat the process.  This ensures that the grain paper is well embossed on the surface thus ensuring the end of the repair process.

It is important to ensure that one chooses ideal vinyl repair kits during the process for best results.

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