How to Fix 7 Common Bike Problems

All across the world, people turn to their bike as an alternative to driving, as a way to get exercise, or simply for fun. Of course, bikes are not without their problems. There are many things that can make riding your women’s and mens bicycles less appealing. However, this guide will help you solve seven of the most common bike problems.

  • Tire Puncture

If you are planning on riding somewhere where a puncture is likely, you better bring a patch kit with you. However, even if you do not plan to ride in the mountains, it may be smart to be prepared. To fix it, you need to remove your tire, remove the inner tube, and find the puncture. It may be easy to spot if the thing that popped the tire is still stuck inside, or you may have to look hard for the hole. Once you have patched the hole, you will need a pump to get the tire pressure back up.

  • Pain

Riding a bike should never be painful. It may be tiring, but that is not the same thing as painful. Pain may be a sign that you are riding the bike incorrectly. Chances are good that your position is wrong, and the biggest culprits are the seat and the handlebars. Consider moving these two parts up or down until it is as comfortable as possible. Additionally, you may simply have the wrong kind of bike. If you are a woman, then a man’s bike may not fit you properly. You can find women’s bikes for sale online.

  • Broken Chain

Like a popped tire, you will need the right tools to fix a broken chain. But many riders carry the chain tool with them when they ride. First you should reduce your gear setting to the lowest so it is easiest to work with the chain. The chain tool lets you push the broken link out of the bottom. After that, it is simply a matter of joining the two halves together once again.

  • Low Top Speed

If you are simply not getting as much speed out of your bike as you would like, consider purchasing an E-bike. These bikes have a motor that activates when you pedal, which gives you a strong boost. E-bikes can get up to an impressive 28 miles per hour.

  • Jumping Gears

This is one of the simplest problems to fix. If the gears are jumping, it means the chain is loose. You simply need to tighten the rear derailleur cable. Usually, you turn it counterclockwise to tighten it.

  • Excessive Wear

If you find that your bike is wearing more than it should, you probably are using it for something that it was not built for. A mountain bike and a beach cruiser bicycle are meant for two completely different kinds of rides, after all.

  • Brake Rub

Rubbing brakes usually manifest as a whooshing sound even when you aren’t braking. This can be solved by loosening the brake calipers. The brakes should only touch the tires when you have engaged the brake. There should be a barrel adjuster on top of the brakes.

It is vital to keep your bike in working order for a safe ride.

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