How to Farm New World Coins

New World MMO is one of the most anticipated MMO games for 2021. Like any other MMO  game, New World coins are essential to help you buy new gear and level up. With enough coins, you not only become stronger, but your progress is seamless.

There are different ways in the game to farm the coins, but they all vary in the time they take to gather and their profitability levels.

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As a player in the New World, the greatest skill you need to master fast is learning how the in-game economy is reacting. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities and viable deals to earn you a good deal of coins. Remember that you can always buy New World coins from websites like Gold4Vanilla. Buying them is the same process as buying WoW Classic gold.

Common Ways to Farm New World Coins

  1. Questing

Questing is the most popular way to farm New World Coins. Here, you gather coins once you are done with a mission. 

By completing a quest, not only will you attract some experience points, but you will also add some gold. 

Questing can be time-consuming, and thus, while taking up new quests from the settlements, consider how long it will take you to gather the coins you are after.

  1. Resources Gathering

You can gather so many resources in the Aethernum world, from lumber, steel, and primary stones, and trade them with other players.

Consider gathering the rare resources from the gathering nodes as they will attract a higher value, giving you more coins. As you progress in New World, the opportunities to gather the more rare resources keep growing.

You could approach resource gathering this way; As you begin, collect the commonly available resources. Though they attract a lower reward, they are easier to find. Then, as you progress, go for only the rare resources that attract more value.

Before you embark on a trip to the gathering node, evaluate the available demand for the resources you will be gathering and calculate the risk.

  1. Loot Selling

As you pursue and conquer your enemies, kill them, take their loot, and trade it with the waiting vendors. You will be amazed by how valuable some of your loot will be. 

Don’t be surprised when at times, your loot will help you upgrade your gear without paying a dime. 

When looting, consider going for the high-level loot that is valuable, as low-level loot comes in cheap.

  1. Crafting

Crafting is a vital skill in New World that will help you in farming more coins. As a beginner, you may not earn much from crafting, but as you progress and perfect your crafting skills, you will have landed a goldmine.

With time, as a professional, you will be in a position to craft more high-end items that will attract more clientele that can afford your highly-priced crafts.

The trick to becoming a top crafter is joining the guild and assisting other players. Here, you can trade off your resources to learn crafting sooner and start earning top coins.

Social networking in New World is a must as it will aid your progress by equipping you with valuable skills. 

Keep your ears on the ground for the most viable profession that will earn you more as you progress. Once you identify one, learn the skill fast; this way, you will be well on your way to farming more New World coins.