How To “Dress to Impress” According to Your Body Type

After you read all of this, you can show it to your husband, so he finally understands why you are spending so much time shopping.

Every woman has a different body type and belongs to any of four categories:

  • Apple Body Type
  • Pear Body Type
  • Straight Body Type
  • Hourglass Body Type

Depending on your curves, you need to determine which part are you so that you can find the best clothes that suit you.

With this tutorial, I would want to help you during the process.

The first thing you need to do is to pay attention to your curves. Focus on how they connect your hips, waist, and bust.

Measure the sizes of the hip, waist, and bust and depending on the sizes you can determine in which body shape category you belong to.

How To “Dress to Impress” According to Your Body Type

The most typical size in all of the Western countries is 36”-24”-36”. Don’t feel pressured to fit into the shoes of these measurements.

Now when you know how to determine your body type, let’s dress you up.

The Apple Body Type

Whatever you do and whichever clothes you choose, try to attract the attention out of your midriff.

What does it mean?

  • Keep the details on the lower and top third of your body
  • Direct attention away from your shoulders and waist
  • Focus more on drawing attention to your neck and bust
  • Opt in for flared pants over straight-leg pants and wear bottoms to bring the attention away from the midriff
  • Don’t wear dresses and belts
  • Wear tops that cover the middle-section curves
  • Dark colors will suit you perfectly

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