How to Dress for an Interview

As nerve-racking as interviews may be, they’re still essentially your chance to make a good first impression on a potential employer. Wearing the right clothes is an important part of that process. You may have just gotten an interview and you’re looking for advice on what kind of outfit you should shop for.

Ideally, you should have some interview clothes in your wardrobe at all times, so you don’t have to do it last minute and you can spend this time practicing your answers and reading up on the company. Even when you have a stable job, there will be plenty of occasions where these clothes will match the event and come in handy.

The Conservative Approach

Your safest choice is simply wearing a suit. This works for any interview at any company, even if their dress code is casual. They expect people to dress more conservatively for their interviews and they’ll just interpret it as you wanting to make a good first impression.

You can choose between a skirt or pants, although, for more conservative companies, it might be better to opt for the knee-length skirt.

You’ll want to stick to darker colors, nothing too flashy and it should fit well. If you’re taller than average and have trouble finding the right sizes in stores, you can get customized suits for women online.

High-end brands are not necessary but they do get you noticed. Get the best quality your budget allows and you can add a brand-name briefcase, handbag or a scarf.

The Navy Blue Blaser

The second most conservative option is to match a navy-blue blazer with dress pants, a skirt or a dress. It’s a more casual business attire but it works well for most companies. Underneath you can wear a simple blouse or a button-down shirt. You can choose between long sleeves and three-quarter-length sleeves which give a more casual appearance.

Depending on the company’s dress code (but again, be careful and read up on the company and interview process in advance) you could even pair in with some dark, simple jeans.

Elegant Blouses with Interesting Details

Another option for interview attire is to pair an elegant blouse with a skirt or dress pants. It can have an interesting pattern or a bow but it should give the appearance of classic elegance, so nothing too flashy or bold. You can add a blazer to dress up the look and a waist belt to draw attention the top.

Black Dress

The “little black dress” works really well for a simple and refined business look. The length should be just below the knee and have a structured fit with some more conservative details like capped sleeves. This will make it look more like a professional outfit, rather than an outfit for cocktail hour.

You can wear the dress with some black stocking (not too sheer) and closed, low-heel shoes.

Sweater and Black Dress Pants

You’ll notice that in the professional world, it’s well worth it to invest in a few pairs of good quality black dress pants. For this final outfit you can just wear an elegant sweater with a pair of black dress pants for a casual business look. Depending on the company where you’re interviewing, you can add a blazer to make it look more professional.

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