How to Develop an Early Morning Workout Routine

Most of us will agree that morning is the perfect time for workouts. At this time, the brain is very fresh, and distractions are limited. Additionally, the will power is very strong in the morning.

Again, if you work out in the morning, you’ll start the day on a positive note; thus, morning exercise can assist in promoting your productivity.  An hour or two of exercise in the morning will keep you energized and focused day long.

In the evening you may lack time for exercise since you’re already tired after a hectic day and you’re also in a rush to get home and attend to some chores. Building a morning workout routine requires efforts since you’ll find all sorts of excuses as to why you shouldn’t exercise.

Although exercise has immense benefits tour bodies, getting started is usually the biggest challenge for most of us. Consider the tips below to assist you in developing a morning workout routine.

Choose the time wisely

When picking the right time for your morning workout, you must be realistic. Make sure you set goals that you can follow through. When selecting the ideal time for your morning workouts, you must remember you need adequate sleep, and you’ll also need time to part for work.

Thus there’s no need to set your alarm at 4.00 am if this practice won’t be sustainable. You should also know the amount of time you can dedicate for the exercise. Will you work out for an hour or 30 minutes?

If you want to succeed in developing the habit, ensure morning exercise is your first task immediately you wake up. Therefore you can schedule your morning workout from 5.00 am, 5.30am, at 6.00 am, etc.

Consider using a workout log sheet template and meal plan template to assist you to be better organized as you cultivate your morning workout routine.

Work with an accountability partner

According to research, working with an accountability paten is one of the excellent ways of developing a lasting habit. Your workout buddy could be your spouse, friend neighbor, gym trainer, or a fellow-gym-goer, etc. This individual will have the responsibility of texting, calling, or joining you for the activity.

Alternatively, you can join a community of like-minded individuals who will offer the support you need to establish the morning exercise routine. These individuals will provide the support you require to stay committed and consistent in your morning exercise routine.

Accountability is the simplest way to establish any habit. Besides you can opt to work with an instructor to make your workouts intense and professional.


If you want morning workup routine to be a success, it must form part of your daily routine. Just as you brush your teeth, take a shower, or breakfast each day, body exercise should be part of your morning activities and not only that, but it should be the first thing to do after getting out of your bed.

Regular exercise is necessary for a healthy weight, perverting lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, mental health, and improving your mood, preventing osteoporosis, and maintaining strength.

When you develop a routine for your workouts, your body stands to benefits immensely from this activity.

Even if you can’t make it to excise for an hour each day, aim for only 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of exercise each day can’t compare to 200 minutes of exercise during the weekends. If you can’t walk out of your door before taking a shower or brushing your teeth, the same should apply to morning exercise.

Prepare in at night for the next day

If you want to maximize the morning hours, it’s essential to ensure you have prepared all you need in the morning before you go to bed. Al the clothes you’ll wear, the equipment you’ll need to work the following day should be ready before you sleep.

Pack all the relevant items in your bag before sleeping. This will ensure you have as fewer distractions as possible and enough time for your morning workouts.

Sleep early

When you sleep early, you won’t have trouble waking up in the morning. Besides, you’ll have adequate sleep. You’ll have trouble waking up at 5.00am if you sleep at midnight.

At least every adult should get 7-9 hours of quality sleep each day. If you need to be productive throughout the day, you must get sufficient sleep. We aren’t supper-humans, we need rest.

For example, you can ensure you sleep before 10.00pm or 10.30 pm each day. If you develop the habit of sleeping early each day, waking up to face your workouts will be fun.

Developing a morning workout routine can be challenging but its achievable if you know what to do. Use the above –mentioned tips and make this goal a reality.

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