How To Design The Perfect Kitchen

If you are a stay-at-home parent who spends a good deal of your time in the kitchen, you will soon start to notice fraying wallpaper, holes in the kitchen curtains, and chips in the countertops. Rather than accepting lower standards, you should start thinking of ways to turn this room into a perfect place for spouses, children, friends, and relatives to interact.

Layout and Space Matters

A kitchen experiences the highest indoor traffic of all the rooms in a house. While it is awesome to have friends pop in throughout the day for endless cups of coffee or tea while you are busy with food preparation and baking, you want to make sure that you can move from one area of the kitchen to another with ease. On this note, when buying a new house, space is one of the most important factors to consider. While there are workarounds to make a small area look bigger, it just isn’t the same as having the space, to begin with.

Start with a floor plan. Take note of existing doors, basins, cupboards, windows, and appliances. Are these in the best spots? All of these fixtures are not as fixed as they seem. Determine where you want the oven and hob and the central island (with room for seating away from the cooking side).

Where are the electrical outlets situated? Does this suit your plan for where you want to put the microwave, fridge, and deep freezer? Will appliance and oven doors be able to open safely with room to maneuver?

Cupboards and Storage

Once you have the key items ergonomically positioned, the worst of the planning is over. The next step is to ensure that you have sufficient storage space. Use your floor plan and a list to ensure nothing is overlooked, such as crockery, cutlery, cookware, groceries, cleaning chemicals, broom cupboard, etc. Decide where the kettle will be placed. Do you like to keep appliances like toasters out for easy use or prefer them packed away between uses?

Decide which units should have closed doors and if you want some open ones. Ideally, you will avoid knick-knacks in the kitchen, which just create a sense of clutter. Look at the shelving to see if the heights need to be adjusted.


With ample space and clear design taken care of, you can bring in the finishing touches. Depending on where you are located, granite countertops Detroit are classy in any kitchen. New, freshly painted doors on cupboards will enable you to stamp your style on the kitchen. A good combination is to paint one wall and the cupboard doors azure or cerulean blue and use white for the rest of the room. This goes well with white or silver appliances. Choose some stylish light and faucet fittings as the cherry on top.

Many people find real pleasure in DIY and are very competent at taking on almost any project in the home. Others know what they want but know that it won’t have a professional look if they undertake the labor themselves. Don’t spoil the finish with shoddy work. Hire in the help you need. Soon the compliments will come flowing in.