How to Decorate Your Luxury RV

So you’ve got your luxury RV, you’re ready to plan your next big national park adventure, but you’re curious about how you can make your RV feel a little homier? 

This is one of the best parts about owning a luxury RV! There are so many interesting and unique ways to decorate your camper and make it your own. Aesthetic decorations such as posters, stickers, magnets, and trinkets from locations you visit are a great way to start, but you can also think about practical decorations that both serve a purpose and add to the overall look of your RV. Let’s explore some decor options for your luxury vehicle that are aesthetically pleasing and practical in application. 

What’s Your Aesthetic? 

Are you looking to decorate your RV for a more ‘at-home feeling? Or are you looking for a more rugged, one-with-nature kind of look? For fans of modern design, consider adding more sleek and minimalist decor and accessories. People with a more rugged sense of aesthetic can look for cheesier decor that leans on practicality with just enough aesthetic appeal to bring you joy every time you see it. 


The chairs, blankets, and outdoor furniture you choose will add or detract from the look you’re going for. Outdoor furniture leans on function over aesthetics, which is totally fine! But there are lots of options out there to explore, so make sure you find something that is comfortable, looks good and has the durability you’ll need to take them on many road trips to come. 

For extreme enthusiasts, think carefully about accessories and tools such as lamps, grills, cooking tools and dishware. There are tons of aesthetically pleasing pieces you can buy in place of bland, traditional camping gear to add to the decor of your RV. 

Trinkets and Swag 

If you’re an avid camper and adventurer, it’s likely that you have tons of trinkets and swag from previous trips. Time to start decking out your camper with old souvenirs! This is a great way to build on the memories you’ve built already with new and exciting experiences with your friends and family. Decor in your RV is just like decor at home; it should be nostalgic and inspire you to create new and lasting memories. 

Privacy Curtains  

There are lots of cute ways to create more privacy inside your RV if you find you need it. You can easily install things like bead curtains or other privacy barriers to accent the layout of your space while adding a layer of privacy and aesthetics. 

Cork Board for Polaroids 

In the age of the selfie, the life of the polaroid camera seemed long over. However, recent years have seen new models pop up and their popularity is surging! A great idea for some DIY decor in your RV could be to have a small corkboard where you can post polaroids taken during your trip! This is a great way to put up pictures of your trips without setting up bulky frames that may fall down. This can also be a great place to post other trinkets such as postcards or notes from friends and family who have joined you on your trips. 

Sheets and Bedding 

The sheets, bedding, pillows, and blankets you use are some of the best ways to decorate the inside of your RV.  These will bring your home comforts on the road with you and truly experience your aesthetics as an individual, or as a family! If you have kids, you can set their bed up with their favorite sheets so they’re always excited to stay in their bed on road trips. This will really help tie the entire aesthetic of your decor together. 

National Park Hat Wall 

Everyone needs a hat while camping, so consider having a display location for your national park hat collection somewhere in your RV! This is a great and cute way to express your love for national parks and it can be a fun activity choosing who gets to wear which park for the day. Plus, it’s a collection you can always add to on your journeys. 

Decorating your RV with memories of your trips and elements of your personality is half of the fun of owning one! This may take some time and a few tests runs to realize its full potential. But that’s all the more reason to get out on the road with your luxury RV and start making memories to fill it with!