How to deal with damaged hair

Damaged hair requires special care and everyone who has ever dealt with the problem knows all about it. Below we have presented a few useful tricks which will help you make your hair shine and look dense.

Is your hair mat and dry? Do ends split? Do they break easily? If the answer to at least two of these questions is affirmative, the tips below are suitable to you. If you are still not sure if your hair requires special care, take a short test: tie it in a knot. Cannot you untangle it? It means it lacks flexibility typical of healthy hair. You can slide your nail with one of the strands (from the end towards the root), holding it with another hand. Healthy hair does not roll. Damaged hair – does. You must not ignore extensive hair loss. If you can see a wet ball in the outflow after you have a bath or shower, you should feel alarmed.

What influences the hair condition?

Wrong care, insufficient moisturizing, fat deficiency in the organism, very low or high temperature, wind, as well as extensive exposure to sun (especially in the summer) have an unfavorable impact on hair condition. The cause of low natural hair resistance may be incompetent use of dyes, frequent use of curler, dryer or straightener. Sometimes wrong styling is the source of the problem.

Solution to split ends

If you have split ends, it is advisable to rinse hair with cold water after washing. Before you rinse the conditioner, comb it (thanks to this scales will seal up). Forget about fast-use preparations, think about strong-moisturizing masks. You don’t have to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the label – damaged hair needs more time to absorb ingredients of the product. For this reason, if the manufacturer advises to rinse the mask after 20 minutes – wash it off after 30 or 40 minutes.

How to deal with damaged hair

Moisturizing masks should be applied twice a week. It is advisable to keep the conditioner under the cap and towel. Aside from this, it is a good idea to rub a protein mixture into the hair. The mixture should be composed of yellow, lemon juice and olive oil. After you have applied it, wash it off after 30-40 minutes (warm water is a must!). Such mixture may be denser or thinner, there are no rules to that. For more about proteins and their impact on hair looks, visit Multirelation

You should take care of damaged hair, otherwise its condition will deteriorate with time. Our regeneration methods, if used regularly, bring conspicuous and durable results. You may also choose to change your shampoo into the one which supplies your hair with all necessary ingredients.

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