How to Cure Terrible Headache Within Seconds

Do you struggle from constant headaches?

It seems like when that headache comes, it will last forever.

You start sweating. The pain is getting stronger and stronger every minute. It feels like your head will explode any minute.

I suffer from strange headaches. They feel “fatal” when they last.

There isn’t a single place on this world that could fit me when my head hurts. I start sweating. My stomach feels bad. I feel like I’m going to throw up.

I start changing colors. After an hour of strong pain and lots of water and lemon juice, my headache decides to part ways with me.

That’s my short experience with headaches.

They are rare, but they are really painful when they are here.

Some women experience headaches quite often.

It’s one of the reasons why I decided to share what I recently found.

According to the source, it came out that the ideal remedy for a headache is salt.

I know this is stranger than it looks like, but high-quality salt or Himalayan crystal salt could do the trick.

Listen to this.

It turns out that salt helps you reduce the severity of migraine headaches. It also does a great job helping your immune system get stronger.

Consuming this high-quality sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt boosts your energy and helps build up serotonin.

I’ve heard people doing salt inhalation when their head hurts. The comments about that are mixed.

This approach is different. Mix lemon juice with 1 tbsp. of crystal salt and drink it.

I don’t know if it works, but it’s worth trying.

The lemon juice improves your overall health on a daily basis and makes the salt easier to tolerate.

DO NOT use regular Epsom salts. They could do some damage to your metabolism.

If you feel a constant headache, you could try if this works for you.

You can also share this with those friends who suffer from headaches.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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