How To Create The Romantic Garden Of Your Dreams

Beautiful gardens of all types appeal to our senses, and what can possibly be more relaxing than walking into your dreamy garden at the end of a working day? The scent of fresh blooms, the overwhelming appearance of a new flower, the various textures and shapes surrounding you in the greenery, the tremendous diversity of design combinations, fragrance, colors, and sounds from the birds leave no one indifferent, especially those who consider themselves romantic. 

In the same manner, as the Romantic Era of the 18th century stated the significance of feeling and imagination over standard custom, the romantic gardeners choose concern with natural surroundings and nature over convention. Walk into any regular garden, and you will find a pleasant ambient for sure, but walk into a romantic garden, and your whole mood can be changed in a second. You will instantly feel welcomed by the colored, fragrant blossoms and the path which draws you to come further into the greenery to find your special place. No matter if you are a new or seasoned gardener, you can, and you should add some romantic ambiance to your garden. With romantics often being accused of seeing the world through their rose-colored glasses, after all, they may have the best view of the world of all. Let’s dive in and take a glance at how to design a garden that satisfies every romantic spirit.

Flowers Everywhere

First, it’s tough to imagine a romantic garden without lots of flowers as they bring their visual beauty and opioid scent. They are usually found in soft shades of lavender, pink, light red, white, and yellow. Romantic flowers come in all sizes and shapes, often with a feminine lacy look, or a rounded and soft appearance. It’s for the best to plant different types of flowers, as some of them bring delightful spring-blooms for the romantic garden, while others announce their presence later in the summer. It would be best if you also strive to soften the edges of your garden’s pathway with romantic perennials. 

If you ar an experieenced gardener, chances are you are going to plant the flowers and perennials yourself. However, if you consider yourself inexperienced and need some help, feel free to find local gardeners to help you with the quest to own the most romantic garden in the neighborhood. 

Intoxicating Fragrance

The perfect romantic garden should be able to seduce all five senses. A spell of fragrant lavender, rosemary, or gardenias will prime the senses to experience the richness that the garden offers those who are lucky enough to venture there. As too many competing scents can be undesirable, ensure to pick a single scent to mark its territory in the area. 

Define Secret Spaces Within The Garden

Another word that goes well with romance is privacy. Privacy in romantic gardens is sacred. Whether you’re willing to reflect and daydream in your green palace or plan a romantic occasion with your special someone, garden privacy is essential. Creating such space is not hard at all, be it you own an open, large garden, or a small and cute backyard. 

Structural elements come handy for obtaining privacy while creating a small intimate corner, or a cozy outdoor room. Lattices, fences, and arbors are all constructions that can create a considerable separation and make you feel like you’ve left your garden for a dream space in some other world. Flowers can also add to the private feel and bring their unique romance. Natural barriers are an option, too. For instance, bamboo makes a marvelous choice for creating a privacy screen that will also add some sensory elements to your space. 

To finish your secret garden area, add a hammock or a swing, bench, a little fountain, or a full outdoor sofa complete with huge, soft pillows and blankets. 

Install A Small Deck And Furnish It For Comfort And Atmosphere

Pick your favorite spot from the garden and install a small deck that will serve as a place for romantic dinners and midnight wine sessions once finished. After the long walks or activities with your better half, you’ll certainly need a place to relax and enjoy the perfect view of your romantic garden. Finish the deck’s pergola covered with deluxe vines and a lot of plants in decorative planters to get a more homey feel or perhaps with a couple of hanging terrariums to bring the encircling garden up onto the deck and help blend the structure into the scenery.

When it comes to furnishing your new garden deck, you can go with wrought iron and cast iron or aluminum with traditional wooden sets also being another popular option. Weatherproof, synthetic deck furniture sets, and fabrics are also available, giving you the opportunity to style your garden deck in the same style and comfort as anything you have inside your home. 

Release Stress Through The Power Of Music And The Calming Sounds Of Nature 

Even the sound a single drop of water produces as it falls into a bowl can open the senses to the full loveliness of the romantic garden. Enjoy the natural audio vibrations that your garden offers and indulge your senses. Speaking of music and sounds – less is more. Choose soft and calming music to play on the speakers, and savor the heady sensuality of the romantic garden in all its fullness. 

Make Use Of Candles And Other Accessories 

There are not many better ways to encourage a romantic atmosphere than by the use of candles. Their gentle, smooth flickering lights epitomize the flow of romance that satisfies the spirit of the passionate gardener. We strongly advise you to go with real candles since they add the most romantic vibe, while battery-operated and LED candles also remain an option.

Besides candles, make use of other garden accessories that will correctly adjust to your backyard’s romantic flow. Place some glass lanterns, love-themed plant pots, install solar cubes, and other garden accessories that will add to the romantic aura you are trying to achieve. 

Think Four-Season 

Since the most romantic holiday is in the middle of February, and you are a romantic soul, you’d probably enjoy romance outdoors, even amid winter. That’s doable if you think of your space as a four-season garden and add the right elements to make it lovely and exciting all year long. Plus, there are plenty of engaging plants during the coldest months, and some of them even bloom in February

Yet, you don’t need to depend exclusively on plants and flowers for beauty and romantic flow. You can use natural stone as a focal point of your garden or even rustic pieces, which are the perfect romantic element. Incorporate treasures gathered from your travels, a charming planter, or a birdhouse. Everything that you find unique or particularly enticing will give you something to enjoy no matter what time of the year. 


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