How to Create a Workout Plan That Will Get You in Shape

Planning to start working out? First, you need a proper workout plan. Here’s how to create a workout plan that’s ideal for you.

The choices you have when picking a workout is pretty overwhelming. There are so many that you might just give up and accept your growing gut. That’s not exactly a good start to the new, healthier you — is it?

What if you could tailor the experience so you’re committed? What if you could account for everything from finances to motivation? We’ve got you covered.

The following shares how to create a workout plan fit for you.

1. Set a Goal

Start by setting a realistic goal which acts as a motivation to your workouts. This could be anything from losing a few pounds to looking great for a wedding.

Goal setting clarifies a lot of the starting questions:

  • When you’ll exercise
  • Where you’ll workout
  • Who could help out

Use goal-setting strategies if needed. Otherwise, aim for a lifestyle change rather than temporary wins. Why? Because it adds purpose to your actions and that’s how you’ll commit to the goals.

2. Know Thyself

Most goals fail because they’re far outside the capabilities of the person. They get discouraged and are soon to quit. Curb this by being real with yourself.

  • Mostly inactive? Consider low-intensity exercises.
  • Moderate activity? Challenge yourself with HIIT.
  • Buffed and active? Go all-out with strength routines.

You know whether you’re the type to truly commit or if you need someone there to stay accountable. This accountability aspect is easily one of the top reasons to hire a personal trainer. So, consider them if you’re not a self-motivator.

3. Gym or No Gym

A gym membership can get expensive especially if you’re like many that drop off after the new year. Although, the price isn’t bad if you’re going and consider the benefits it brings — like:

  • A variety of gym equipment
  • Workout partners and support groups
  • An outlet to get out of the house


A home gym may be better suited for your needs. In this case, you’ll want to invest in quality equipment. Or, at least figure out how you’ll do exercises without equipment (such as with bodyweight).

Pick one over the other so you can better figure out the exercises.

4. Go Through the List

This is where it gets a bit overwhelming but maybe not as much now that you’ve answered a few personal items prior. Your task is picking the exercises that will make up your routine — and then piecing them together.

Consider starting with some cardio:

  • Walking / Jogging / Running
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpees
  • Stairs
  • Rowing
  • Yoga

…and some other cardio exercises based on what intensity you can handle.

Then add some strength:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Bench press

There’s no “best” workout, only one that you’ll stick to. So, try a variety of things and see what sticks. Then, build on what works until your goals are met.

Learning How to Create a Workout Plan is the Easy Part — Will You Commit?

The steps you read on how to create a workout plan only scratch the surface of what’s involved. Like how it started, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting.

Do a thing — anything — that will get you active and working out.

One more thing: Be sure to check out some of the other health and wellness guides here on the site. And, see how it all fits with this great, new you.

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