How To Create A Great Looking Birthday Banner

A birthday is incomplete without a banner, and as such you need a banner for every birthday celebration. We bet you would not like store bought banners as they can feel impersonal, especially if you want to add the celebrant’s name and it’s impossible. Making a banner is not the crux but making one that looks great. We’re here to tell simple ways to make a great banner even if you’re not into banner printing.

Firstly, you decide what message you want your banner to pass across. Be sure of how you want your message to be. For example, you need to determine if you want it to be “happy birthday, Laura” or “it’s Laura’s birthday” or “Happy 30th Laura”. Your message can be uncomplicated or complex and lengthy. You can decide whichever way you want the banner to be. What feeling it will pass across whether emotional or playful.

Decide how the layout of the banner will be. Most banners have their texts in the same line but what’s the fun in that. You can decide to try something new and be innovative by making use of a different layout. You can try putting all your words in a diagonal line or all your words on separate lines or even try putting their name at the end or top of the banner.

Choose what colors to use. You need to choose a theme for the banner. Think of what colors you want to use and if they go well together. You can make the theme go in line with the celebrant’s favorite colors, the celebrant’s hobbies or the dress code for the party or better still choice of your own. If the celebrant love dogs, you can try to add pictures of little pups and bones. If the celebrant loves swimming, you can add some fish to the image and use a lot of colors, blue and green. If it’s a princess themed banner you’re going for, you can add pictures of tiaras and a lot of pinks.

Be playful with the fonts you use. You can decide not to use the regular block fonts and go for italics or cursive. It adds a bit more detail to the banner. Also, some fonts go on some occasions. For children’s birthday parties, you can use large, block letters. For an adult of 40, you can use serif fonts or any other detailed designed font. If there are theme and color for the banner, you should match your fonts to it.

Pick your color arrangement; make your banners more attractive by using happy and bright colors. Do not pick random colors as they might not look great, and this will ruin your banner. Here are some tips on how to choose colors for your banner

  • Use different shades of the same color. It will add an aesthetic detail to it.
  • Use at least two colors. One color will make the banner look dull and unattractive, and in banner printing, the appeal is essential.
  • Use calm colors like blue and green or warm colors like orange and yellow together
  • Use colors that contrast like white and black. The results will blow you away.
  • Or even better, use metallic colors such as gold and silver. We assure you that you will love the outcome.

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