How to Clip In and Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

Short hair looks beautiful, but at times, you may find yourself craving some extra length or coveting styles meant for longer hair. Since your hair can’t grow overnight, hair extensions are the next best thing.  This instant solution will allow you to get your desired hairstyle quickly. Depending on the type of hair extensions, you can experiment with different colors, lengths, and thicknesses.

While there are many different types of extensions out there, clip-in hair extensions are your best bet for short hair. After choosing a suitable clip-in extension, you’ll be faced with the trickier part: clipping in and blending the extensions with your short hair.

Let’s take a look at how you can pick the right clip-in extensions and blend them well with your short hair.

Choosing the Right Clip-In Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Long hair extensions don’t go well with short hair, so it makes sense to choose short hair extensions since they blend well. Ideally, you should choose extensions that are 16-18 inches long. Should you wind up buying extensions that you think are longer for your hair, you can always have them cut to fit your hair length. We highly recommend going to a salon to shorten your extension to avoid damaging them.

Second, be sure to choose Remy clip-in hair extensions. When it comes to clip-in hair extensions, human hair in this style is versatile, looks natural, and blends perfectly with short hair. Also, you can style and treat them just like your natural hair. It’s a good idea for women with a blunt haircut to pick thick human hair extensions because thin extensions don’t blend properly with blunt hairstyles. Thick extensions also look more natural.

Another key to getting your desirable natural look with clip-ins is to choose a color that matches your natural hair color. Pro tip: Pick a color that complements your hair from the center to the edges. Avoid choosing the color of your hair’s roots, as they are likely to have a different tone.

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Use the Wefts

Now that you’ve chosen suitable extensions, it’s time to clip them in and blend them with your short hair. This starts with incorporating and stacking the wefts over each other. This trick makes it quick and easy to blend your hair with the extension and create your desired hairstyle.

With this technique, you can also achieve more color dimension, if desired. Many women use one or two wefts, but you’re free to go with more wefts for more volume and length. Stacking the wefts on top of each other will also hide the clips and some portion of your blunt haircut, giving you more confidence and peace of mind.

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Wave or Curl Your Hair with the Extensions

Clip-in human hair extensions generally blend much better when you wave or curl them with your natural hair. This is especially important for women with short or thick hair, or when the color match between your extensions and hair is not perfect. So, if you’ve got a blunt haircut, avoid wearing your extensions straight. Instead, take the end of your natural hair together with the extension and wave or curl them as one. By doing so, your hair will flow in a seamless manner with the extensions.

Braid and Pin the Bottom Layer

It’s no surprise that the most visible sign that you’re wearing a hair extension is the short layers of your natural hair showing under the extension. A good trick to do away with this problem is to section the base of your hair from the center of one ear to the other and then braid and pin it firmly against your head. The braid will camouflage the visible parts of your natural hair, besides hiding a good portion of your blunt haircut. It will also help make the wefts serve as the foundation of your hair since you’ll clip the wefts on top of the pinned braid.

Go Higher

Remember that when you’re applying clip-in hair extensions to short hair, you have to conceal as much of your own hair as you can. What this means is that the extensions will sit higher on your head. This is a good thing because it will add more natural elegance to your look. Don’t hesitate to clip in the extensions until you’ve made it almost to the top of your head.

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