How to Clean Your House after Having a Crazy Fun Party

We all love the joy, laughter, and those exciting moments that come with partying. However, the mess it leaves in your house can be devastating. Plus, the aftermath hangovers can make you feel totally stressed up and confused, wondering where exactly to start or who to call for help.

But you don’t have to worry. A few ways, found in this article from Calibre Cleaning, will help you clean your house after having a crazy fun party.

So, read on.

Collect and Dispose Of Tins and Bottles

Parting involves lots of drinking, and people don’t care where they throw the empty bottles after drinking. As such, you will find bottles everywhere, including under the sofas and tables. Get a trolley or a bucket and collect all those tins putting them into the bucket. You realize, after doing this, there will be less mess in the house, which might motivate you to move to the next thing.

Clear the Room and Gather Cleaning Tools

Definitely, the room is fully packed with utensils, clothes, and other stuff that ought not to be there. It is time to collect the utensils and take them to the kitchen. Next, take the cloths and any other foreign thing to their respective rooms.

At this stage, you are ready to clean the living room. So, have the cleaning detergent and equipment ready and in the living room.

Clean the Dishes

Next, it is the kitchen. So, head to the kitchen and clean all the utensils. Some people will want to mop the living room before cleaning the utensils. But does it make any sense to mop the living room floor, then utensils, then the kitchen floor? Well, not really. So, start with the utensils so that when it is eventually time for the floor, you start from one corner to the last without any distractions.

Remove Stains on the Carpet and Floor

After clearing the room, you should be able to see any stains that could be on the floor or the sofas. You see, drinks such as red wine can stain your sofas and carpet. This is the time to deal with them. Wipe those stains which are not dormant. However, when cleaning the dormant stains on the carpet, using a vacuum cleaner will save you lots of needless trouble and time.

Mop the Floor

If you have a vacuum cleaner, go ahead and use it. However, it is worth noting that if the house has some dust on it or tiny particles, don’t mop or use a vacuum cleaner before you sweep those small particles. Such particles can mess up your vacuum cleaner. So, start by sweeping, then wash.

Clean the Bathroom

Heck! The smell, the vomits, and the stains in the bathroom have to be dealt with. Therefore, bear with it for a while as you do the cleaning. Nonetheless, protect yourself by wearing gloves and goggles. Also, use the right toilet bowl cleaner to remove any available stains effectively.

Once you are done, it would be wise to leave the room smelling fresh. So, freshen the air by using a good air conditioner.

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