How to Choose the Right Stroller According to Your Child’s Age? 

Motherhood is a beautiful yet challenging journey. It is filled with priceless moments, filled with unforgettable and joyful memories with your baby. But, just like everything else, nothing is complete, and there is always the other side of the coin. Taking care of your little one won’t be easy; there are many things that you will need to learn and other lessons that you will just pick up along the way. Babies need you to be very vigilant and attentive to them; they will also need a lot of baby equipment.

You need to remember that just because you became a mother that doesn’t mean that that is all you are in the world. Being a mother isn’t your identity, but it will certainly take up a huge space of who you are and who you will become. And because you still have a life, despite having a kid around, you will need to learn how to manage and move on with your life whilst taking care of your baby.

One of the many pieces of equipment that will help you get on with your day and still pay attention to your little one is a stroller. You can’t be walking around all day carrying your child with their bags, and you certainly can’t get your errands done like that, which is where strollers play a huge role. They’ll save you a lot of effort, but the only thing you need to know is that there is an appropriate stroller for specific ages. So make sure you buy the proper stroller for your baby’s age. Check out the list of the 10 Best Lightweight Portable Strollers on . 

 A New Born Baby

Ultimate safety and comfort are the most important features you need to look for in strollers when your baby is between the ages of 0-6 months old. We’ve all heard moms throughout the years instructing the baby’s carrier to keep their heads up no matter what. An infant’s bones are obviously fragile and are prone to be broken, especially when they are still very young. So when you are buying a stroller for your newborn, make sure it comes with head and back support. You need to stray away from umbrella strollers and anything that doesn’t take care of your child’s head. It is essential that you look for strollers that allow the head to recline and feel comfortable in its position. You need to make sure that it has enough neck support because the last thing you want is for your newborn’s head to keep falling or rest on the side. If you want to make sure that your baby will feel comfortable, check if the stroller’s seat fully reclines in the store if it doesn’t then don’t buy it. Make sure it is well structured, though, and has a functional suspension system that can take on any sudden movements and bounces so that your child won’t have to deal with them.

It is better for you and your infant to find a traveling system that has a stroller that also has a car seat. Babies go through a lot of sleeping cycles and so your child is going to be doing a lot of sleeping, for the most part. Getting your little one in and out of the car is bad for them and for you. They will get irritable, which means you have to deal with a lot of crying and honestly who needs their baby to go through that?

You can also look into buying a stroller with a bassinet; it is practical, easy to use, comfortable, and most importantly will allow your little one to sleep in peace. These kinds of strollers can also turn into a mini crib, which will be very useful if your kid gets fussy or if you are trying to get them to sleep.

 6 to 12 Months Old

Now that your baby’s a bit older, it is time to update your stroller game. Your youngster no longer needs neck support and can hold their head just fine, which means that your options are not as limited before. There will be many strollers to choose from, but you mainly want to focus on the ones that have enough cushioning, back support, and most importantly flexible seat that will embrace your kids growing body and the different positions they will be switching to. Avoid the ones that don’t have any safety straps.

Speaking of safety; it is always a feature you want to find in your stroller. Any pushchair is going to have safety straps, but the one you want to buy is the one that comes with the five-point harness. Don’t worry, it won’t make your child uncomfortable; it will just protect them from any sudden jolt and overall secure them as you stroll through the city. Another thing to look for in a stroller is that it offers enough shade for your infant; according to My Traveling Baby, there are many strollers that are suitable for all ages, but not all of them offer your baby protection from the sun. There are many umbrella strollers that you can pick from; there are ones with forwarding and backward seats. Ones that come with additional accessories and ones that have peekaboo widows. So make sure to buy the one that is the best fit for your lifestyle.

Infants between the ages of 6-12 months recognize faces and start to attach themselves to them, by the age of 8 months, your child will be able to recognize your face from across the room. Now, this piece of information is important when you are picking a pushchair. You can easily start bonding with your baby while strolling time, by choosing the stroller that faces you and not the other side of the street. There are other features that you need to find as well; for instance, it is better to buy a pushchair that has quality brakes. Make sure it is easy for you to use them and what they don’t jam.

 1-year-old baby

Congratulations! Your baby’s 1 year old, which means that your kid won’t be doing a lot of sitting on the stroller, or so they think. Your little one can walk now and as amazing as it is; it is also a tad dangerous because they will want to jump off of their pushchair and take a walk around the city with you. The kind of pushchair you want to look for is both lightweight and highly secure.

Strollers have their own weight as well. Some are heavy because they have a car seat attached to them, others come with shades, and others have very thick cushioning, which adds a lot of weight. And, if you let your baby practice their walking a little, then you will be pushing all that extra weight for no reason at all. Which is why you should consider purchasing a stroller that is suitable for your child’s age but at the same time suitable for you and your back. There are many lightweight pushchairs that come with shade and strap-ons that you can choose from. You might also want to look into strollers that face the street and not the parent for this age. If your child is going to be curious enough to get out of their strollers, then you should probably get them a pushchair that allows them to look at the trees, street, and the people.

 These strollers won’t be that difficult to find because you don’t need specific features in them; all you want is an average pushchair. You will also be happy to know that these ones are not as expensive as the others. You can find many online stores that display different kinds; these stores usually have the weight, minimum age, and obviously price. Make sure that whichever kind you buy is very flexible and foldable because you won’t be using it as much as before.

 A Toddler

The kinds of pushchairs you will need for your toddler aren’t that different from the ones that are more suitable for 1-year-olds. But, the reason why you need one that is made specifically for toddlers is that this one will have a bunch of essential features that you cannot have. This is the one that will stay with you and your kid until they no longer need it.

This is the time when you will need to push an empty stroller with one hand because you will be holding your child with the other, which means that you need to check up on the wheels. Before buying it, make sure that it’s easy to navigate even with one hand and that it won’t be too much for you. The other thing you need to take into account is that it needs to be lightweight, which won’t be too hard to find. These types of strollers usually don’t have a place where you can store additional bags, which is good news for you because that means you won’t be pushing a heavy empty pushchair for absolutely no reason at all.

Until your child gets used to walking around a lot; they will still complain about how their legs hurt after walking 2 blocks. Which means that you will need to keep the pushchair around until they can handle walking better. So, until that happens, you need certain features. One of the most important things that need to be there is the umbrella that is attached to the hood. Your child needs protection from the sun, especially if you will be spending a lot of time outside. You might want to have storage space; check if you will need that kind of stroller or not. You might not be using it for your child anymore, but you might want to use it for your shopping bags or to keep additional tote bags for your shopping instead of using plastic ones. This storage place won’t add unnecessary weight for you, so long as the material itself is not heavy.  There are many strollers that have a ride-on board option; observe your kid and see if they will need that option or not. In case they don’t, then it is better to buy one that doesn’t need you to carry extra weight.

You also need to consider the handlebar. Some pushchairs don’t have adjustable handlebars, which are not practical at all. If the handlebar is positioned in a way where it is too close or too far away from you that can easily be very dangerous and uncomfortable for your arms and back. It will be much better for you to buy the kind with handlebars that you can move so that if someone else is pushing the stroller, it will be easy for them to reach the pushchair and have complete control over it.

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