How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Your Loved One’s Birthday

For centuries, flower-giving has been a cherished tradition to express emotions in lieu of words. During the Victorian Era, the language of flowers was even developed as a more accepted and effective means of communication, particularly between lovers. Displaying one’s emotions in actual words was not allowed, so instead, flowers were given meanings to show their feelings.

Nowadays, the act of giving flowers is still considered a romantic gesture and a bouquet of flowers is still one of the most reliable gifts to celebrate occasions like birthdays. A flower-filled vase waiting by the front door or a fresh bouquet in hand pulled out from your back never ceases to impress your loved ones.

Flowers exist in different kinds and colors and there are a variety of options in choosing the best flower to give on your loved one’s special day. You can never go wrong with their favorite. It can be symbolic of your relationship, of how well you know them and how you make use of this knowledge to make their birthdays truly special.

Which Flowers Should You Pick?

Most flowers available in your floral shops are appropriate for birthdays, even those you handpicked yourself. Although make sure that the celebrant is not allergic to flowers!  However, some have become more associated with this occasion and among the most popular and classic birthday flowers to consider are roses, carnations, daisies, and chrysanthemums.

Make their day extra special by giving them the symbolic flower of their birth month. For example, carnations and snowdrop are for January, chrysanthemum and peony are for November, and poinsettia, holly, and narcissus are for December. Your local florist would know which blossoms to pair with these flowers to make them more exceptional.

A longer-lasting option, especially for your dear ones who are fond of gardening, are potted flowering plants. Many ornamental plants have beautiful flowers and are easy to grow. A perennial type will bloom for many years and will surely put a smile on their faces as they are reminded of your thoughtful gesture.

Appreciation of your loved one’s unique and breath-taking qualities can be expressed with exotic flowers too. They are bold and often delightfully fragrant creating an added surprise element in a bouquet. Some of the top choices to consider that are locally available and have longer vase life include orchids, birds of paradise, protea and anthurium.

Flowers come in a plethora of meanings so it is important to consider these in flower-giving to best relay your message, especially if your loved ones are well-versed with the language of flowers. Chrysanthemums mean loyalty and love while a bouquet of 18 roses means you wish them to stay young and beautiful. Be careful about yellow roses as they are often associated with jealousy and infidelity.

A bouquet of flowers is special enough to celebrate one’s birthday but adding a little extra to your gift will definitely be rewarded with a bright smile. It could be a simple love note, a box of sweet chocolates, a cuddly teddy bear or a couple of helium balloons. All of these are best paired with flowers, tested and proven gift bundles for the romantics.

In a modern world where a public Facebook greeting post has become sufficient in remembering one’s special day, go out and try it the old-fashioned way. A bouquet is best appreciated when least expected so surprise your loved ones and make their birthdays more memorable with the freshest flowers from your florist or the lushest potted flowering plants from your nursery. Buy them flowers and keep this tradition alive.

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