How to Choose the Ideal Office Chair

There are many factors to consider in choosing the ideal office chair for you. This guide will be showing you all the elements that can make an office chair perfect for you; we will be mentioning what you want to look for and even make a suggestion as to a chair you might want to check out because it might just be the perfect office chair for you.

Here are some of the factors we like to consider when considering the ideal office chair when working in the office or working from home.

Seat height

The office chair height ideally should be adjustable depending on the preferred height of the user. A lever should be available and within reach when you would like to adjust the height of your chair. The proper chair setting should allow the user’s feet to touch the ground flat and at the same time have their arms at desk level without causing too much strain on the shoulders to avoid anybody pains in the long run. Good posture in your chair should reduce back pain and not cause any additional inconvenience to the user.

Seat width and depth

The seat width and depth should allow you to sit down comfortably without any problems or pain. The seat should be able to support any type of user simultaneously and be aligned with the backrest without causing the user any inconvenience. The depth of the seat must align with the backrest to ensure that the back of the user, once the backrest of the chair is used, remains straight to avoid any unnecessary pains while leaving two to four inches of space between the back of the knees and the seat to give the user enough mobility to sit in the chair comfortably.


The backrest of the ideal office chair should be at least twelve to nineteen inches wide; if possible, the backrest should also be adjustable to align with the user’s spine. The backrest must support the user’s full weight if he or she decides to lean back full into the backrest. If the backrest is adjustable in at least backward and forward angles, a locking lever to ensure you don’t roll back on it should be present to ensure the user’s safety if he or she decides to put their full weight on the backrest. 

Seat material

The seat material should involve enough padding to sit on for prolonged periods since this will be your main chair to use in your workplace. Having a leather or cloth material wrap your chair’s elements is ideal compared to overly soft material, which can cause as much damage as a rigid material.


Office chair armrests should be adjustable and not be too far ahead of the chair in order for the user to get as close to the desk as possible if need be without having the chair collide with the desk. You should be able to rest your elbows and lower arms in this area with ease since the forearm will most likely be nowhere near this area once you begin your typing.


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