How to Choose the Best Valentino Heels for Your Fiancée

We get it, shopping for a gift for your fiancée can be difficult. Ideally, you want to gift her something she can put to use rather than something that will collect dust, or even worse, get regifted.

But if there’s something your woman is very likely to treasure, it’s definitely designer heel like a pair of really smart Valentino shoes.

Although heels can be slightly uncomfortable for women, they are very fashionable. They make women more feminine, attractive, and powerful. A woman in heels is a confident woman.

With so many styles of Valentino heels in the market today, it might be difficult for you to find the best one especially if you’re trying to surprise her. Here’s what you need to look out for when picking out the best Valentino heels for your fiancée.

How High Are the Valentino Shoes

First and foremost, you need to figure out the maximum heel height your partner can wear without struggling or enduring great agony. Imagine buying her a pair of 6-inch Valentino heels only for her to pose and topple over in a heap.

Not how you picture it going, right? You want her to look and feel powerful and authoritative.

Try to engage her friends, or sneak out one of her favorite heels from her closet to get an accurate measure when you buy. If you’re unable to find out her preferred height, get a 3 or 4-inch heel which is a standard for most women.

Consider the Heel

You need to know if your woman prefers closed-toe or open-toe high heels. Again, analyze her heels collection critically before making a decision. Keep in mind that for some women, closed-toe heels make their toes swell since they’re not exactly flexible. Others don’t like open-toe heels because of the potential dirt and dust their toes are exposed to.

You want your girl to look good and feel comfortable in her Valentino shoes.

Get a Comfortable Shoe Size

When women wear high heel shoes, their feet tend to get pushed forward because of the angle of the foot. Ultimately, this affects the size of shoe that would ideally fit her as compared to flat shoes.

Try and find out her real size by checking out her heel collection. When buying or ordering for the Valentino shoes, choose a size that’s a tad larger than her normal size.

For instance, if she wears high heels that are about two to three inches high, go with a shoe that’s half a size larger. If she wears high heels between four to six inches high, go with a full inch size larger.

The Choice Is Up to You

High heels are sexy, powerful, and can make a woman feel more in touch with her feminine side. However, it’s important you make the right choice otherwise you might end up regretting the heavy purchase you made.

This might come off as confusing to a lot of men but not all high shoes are actually heeled, so this is something you might want to look out for. Blocks and boots are good examples of such shoes and you want your bride to be looking spectacular.

Remember, Cinderella might have never gotten married to her Prince Charming if it were not for the glass slippers he put on her feet.

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