How To Choose The Best Quality Baby Play Mat? 

No matter how much you want to carry your child all day, you need time to finish those chores. Don’t you? This is the reason that a good quality baby play mat is a must thing that should be in your house. These mats offer you time to finish all the unfinished tasks or have some quality time with your spouse while your baby can enjoy playing on the mat. If you want to buy a floor mat for your kid, then allow us to give you a hand. We can help you in purchasing the best quality kids play mat.  

What Do Play Mats Do? 

The American Occupational Therapy Association advocates the importance of Tummy Time for strengthening a child’s neck, head and body muscles. This also helps in coordination that is essential for rolling over, reaching, playing and crawling. Infants can also benefit from this routine.  

They also provide infants with early stimulation and can strengthen the core. In addition to this, they also offer a break from routine. The floor mat also helps in keeping your child busy and entertained; otherwise, we all know about howling and wailing that ensues from boredom.  

How to Choose the Best Quality Baby Play Mat?  

With so many choices and options out in the market, you are bound to get confused. When it comes to buying a kid play mat for your special little one, you want to purchase the best foam play mat. We understand it, and for this reason, we have created a list of essentials that you should look at while buying a baby play mat.  

Before we go into the details of buying the best quality play mat for your baby, at NetParents, you can find an overview of the ten best baby play mats.  

Offers a Wide Range of Positions for Hanging  

This is the first feature when it comes to buying a baby foam play mat. A mat should provide a range of positions where you can hang toys. Why? It is essential because belly-up play mats can put pressure on your baby’s skull. 

There is a way you can avoid putting pressure on the back of the head of your baby by encouraging early head-turning motor skills. How can you do it? If the mat offers a wide range of positions, then you can hang a toy anywhere but above your baby’s head.  

It also promoted healthy development, and flexibility in placement can help you in strengthening your baby’s core if he/she is lying on the side.  

Choose a Visually Pleasing Mat 

A visually pleasing baby activity mat would help in developing your child’s cognitive and motor skills.  

Though the first few months of your baby would be limited to wiggling and looking as the months go by, you will find that a colorful mat with varying sounds and textures helps the baby in interacting. It also keeps him busy. These are designed specially to enhance the motor and cognitive skills of your child from an early age.  

Easy to Remove Parts  

Choose a mat that can easily separate from its main parts. A floor mat that allows you to extend the playtime so that you can interact with your baby is the best choice.  

Your baby might not feel like playing all day. In such a situation, if you are unable to detach the parts, then it would intervene with your baby’s quality time with you.  

So, make sure when you buy baby play mat, it comes with a feature of easy-to separate parts.  

Easy to Clean Parts  

Your baby will make a mess and make the foam play mat dirty. If the mat allows you to clean it, then do not worry. Often parents struggle with mats that do not come with an easy to clean option. With babies, it becomes quite tricky and you need a baby activity mat that can be cleaned easily.  

So, look for mats that are washable and dryable. It will save you time, and you will not spend a tremendous amount of money whenever the baby foam play mat gets dirty.  

Extra Padding Mats  

As kids grow up, they learn to jump and rollover. You do not want to see your child get hurt. If your kid likes to play and rollovers without giving any warning, then mats that come with extra padding are ideal for you.  

Extra padding baby activity mat gives your child protection from hard flooring. Even if they move unexpectedly or rollover hard, the extra padding would keep your child safe from any injury.  

So when you go to buy kids play mat, make sure you choose mats with extra padding.  

Travel -friendly  

Are you planning to travel? The floor mat that you bought does not fit in your car? 

You would not want to face this situation. This is one of the essential features that you should consider when you go to buy baby foam play mat.  

Choose a mat that folds nicely and quickly. Traveling with a baby activity mat would be a lifesaver. You can keep your kid busy while enjoying your vacation. If it is portable, then you can carry it easily wherever you go.  

Soft and Comfortable Mat 

The last thing that you should look for while buying a mat is its comfort and softness. Your baby’s skin is sensitive, and you would not want a hard surface for your baby.  

Make sure the surface of the mat is not hard or fragile. It should be soft enough to make your baby feel comfortable while playing.  

Final Thoughts 

Each baby is different, but what all babies need is a fun and comfortable baby play mat. Choose the right size, and it has all or some of the features mentioned above. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to decide which playmat you should buy, fret not as we have play mat reviews from buyers.  

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