How to Choose the Best Painting Gear for Your Interior Redesign Project

Choosing the right equipment for house painting is paramount to achieve great success. The secret is simple: pick the right tools for a proper paint job. Whether you are painting yourself or hiring an expert, you need to know what to buy at the store.

Many painting tools are introduced to the market but sooner or later disappear. They vanish because some are of low quality or don’t work as advertised. We shall look at some painting gears that have actual benefits. You will also find that they make painting much easier and faster.


This tool is perhaps the most fundamental and useful in painting. Having a tape enables you to tape off trim and do away with paint left on hard to reach areas like ceilings. It also ensures the coat does not get into contact with restricted areas, an issue predominant when using paint sprayers and the like.

Taping allows you to create stripes or patterns in accordance to your preference. Some tapes are also suitable for creating tighter seals around the edges while painting. There are many types of tapes, and width is the most critical factor to look at when purchasing one. This gear can also assist you in making clear cut painting lines and artworks.

Drop Cloth

Undeniably, painting is a messy job. You sprinkle some coat all over the floor and on yourself. Using a drop cloth will ensure a less clean up job after painting. The fabric will ensure the paint does not get into contact with the floor or furniture. You can later dispose of the cheap material after use. 

However, some drop cloths can be used several times and on different occasions. Some drop clothes also double up as curtains or sleep covers later.


Professional painters cannot do without this is another tool. A ladder is essential for accessing areas where you cannot reach easily, like the ceiling. Most people tend to be tempted to use a chair as a replacement, which is highly unstable and thus risky to use. Getting a ladder pretty much guarantees your safety and work efficiency.

There are advanced adjustable ladders in the current market. They enable one to adjust depending on the area in question. This feature also makes it easier to store some of them in small spaces. It is also convenient regardless of your height and that of your ceiling. There are many variations of ladders currently, so you will find something that does more than just elevate you.

Paint Rollers and Refills.

Painting can be a tedious job because of extending your arm to a specific range for a long time. Using rollers covers a large area, making it easier and faster to paint. The main advantage is you need only to buy the roller once. Only the roller refills require regular replacement. Fortunately, they are quite affordable. 

You need not worry about tight spaces since some mini-rollers make it stress-free to paint such areas. There are highly recommended for maneuverability. Paint rollers are also convenient for beginners. They do not require training to use them since you do not have to be too strict on a pattern.

Paint Mixing Drill Attachment

It is a tedious process to mix or blend old paint. The paint mixer saves you the trouble of going through this process. The result of using this tool is a smooth and creamy paint. It mixes the dyes to equal proportions, fit for painting. You can also use this tool for many more tasks, rather than just mixing your paint.

Roller Keepers

As mentioned earlier, anyone who has done even a little painting knows the job isn’t over when you’re done applying paint, since you have to clean up after. Rollers are nearly impossible to clean. If you leave them in your 5-gallon paint bucket, they become waterlogged. There are many tricks you can use, like placing your roller inside a refrigerator. However, this only works selectively.

A roller keeper does the job without a glitch. Paint does not get lost, when using this device, compared to the other so-called tricks peddled on the web. Furthermore, you have the confidence of knowing that your roller will be ready to use after many days, weeks, or even months of storage. In airtight conditions, your roller is well preserved inside the neat sized plastic tube of a keeper.


Different tools have different capabilities when it comes to painting. All the above equipment is necessary when you want to have a comfortable experience in painting. Most of the gear requires almost no training to operate them, and only requires your intuition. Remember to take safety precautions while painting. Certain measures will help you avoid massive paint spillage, or even falling off a ladder while decorating.

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