How to Choose Between a Fabric or Steel Shed

While browsing a lot for a new shed, you’ll probably quickly realize all of the options available. Sheds can range in size, storage options, and building material. You may know what size and storage options you need to properly house your equipment, but the material of your shed may be harder to figure out.

Sheds can be made of many different materials, including wood and plastic, however, metal and fabric sheds have become increasingly popular. Depending on your personal needs and circumstances, choosing between a metal or fabric shed may be difficult, but with the right information, your choice can be made easy.

The major differences in metal and fabric sheds are cost and durability. Fabric sheds are typically much cheaper than metal sheds, but they can leave a little lacking in the durability department. For a fabric shed that is 200 square feet, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 dollars all the way to $500 depending on its quality. A comparably sized metal shed may run you as much as $2000!

Though metal sheds are more expensive than fabric sheds, they are more durable to the elements. Many fabric sheds will only last two to three years in harsher environments while a metal shed can last for 15 years with the proper maintenance. Many fabric sheds suffer from rips and tears due to tree limbs, so their placement is much more limited than a metal shed as well. The initial cost of a metal shed will eventually pay for itself as you’ll need to keep replacing your fabric shed every so often.

An advantage of a fabric shed is its portability. Fabric sheds can be set up and deconstructed fairly quickly making them perfect as a short-term storage solution. On the other hand, metal sheds are permanent structures and many of them require foundations. Once you set up a metal shed, there’s no easy way to move it to a different location.

Another thing to think about before purchasing either a fabric or metal shed is what you will be storing. Metal sheds are great for storing all types of equipment ranging from tools to gas powered machines. Fabric sheds, however, aren’t a great solution to storing many of these things as they lack protection and storage options. For metal sheds, adding shelves and pegboards is a simple task, but there is no way to do this for a fabric shed. Fabric sheds are much better suited for storing a single, large item such as a riding mower or a car.

The last difference between metal and fabric sheds has to do with regulations. In many cases, installing a metal shed is more legally complicated than installing a fabric shed. Many times, you will need to contact your HOA or a zoning board to see if you can install a permanent structure on your property which can be quite a hassle.

Overall, a metal shed is a great way to store your equipment long-term and keep it protected while making an investment for the future. Fabric sheds are ideal for short-term storage of vehicles and require much less effort to install. Hopefully now, you’ll be able to choose the right shed for your circumstance!

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