How To Care For a Senior Dog

Whether you have had your canine companion for several years, or you have made the selfless decision to adopt a senior dog, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to caring for your furry friend. Unlike younger dogs, senior dogs will have more health issues and will require a different standard of care.

For some tips on how to best care for your senior dog, be sure to read on.

Be Patient

As dogs get older, much like humans, they lose some of their speed and mobility, and they can even develop arthritis. As such, you will want to take things slowly with your older dog and always be patient with them; they aren’t a lively puppy anymore, after all. If your dog suffers from arthritis which limits their movement and you are concerned about them living in pain, don’t worry, there is a remedy that can soothe them. CBD oil for dogs with arthritis is a natural alternative to medicines and has proven to have many health benefits, including reduced anxiety and pain relief. Just pour a few drops in the dog’s mouth or add to their food.

Make Sure Their Teeth Are Healthy

If your dog has really bad breath, it may be because their teeth are in such a bad condition. They may also have infected gums, so it is important that you check their teeth and book a trip to the vet’s if necessary. Your dog might even need an anesthetic to have some of the teeth removed if they are really bad.

Ensuring that your dog has the proper dental care can do wonders for its health, as some dental diseases can actually affect your dog’s major organs, like the heart, kidney, lungs, and liver.

Keep Them Comfortable

Everyone wants a bit of comfort in their old age, and you can make necessary alterations to your home that will ensure your dog finds it easier to get around. For instance, you can replace slippery smooth flooring with non-skid carpeting, and replace their old bed with a new, more comfortable bed with a lot of thickness.

For your car, you can also add a dog ramp so your dog can still enjoy a car ride without the struggle of jumping in the car.

Give Them Regular Exercise

You might think that, as your dog is in their later years, they require less activity, but you’d be wrong. It is actually beneficial for an older dog’s health to go out and get exercise. This doesn’t have to be strenuous, either; simply taking them for a walk in the park every day can do wonders for their stiff joints and will also help keep them stimulated and in shape.

Check For Lumps

If you are prone to giving your dog lots of cuddles and affection, then you will quickly notice if something about them is off. If you do find any odd lumps or bumps, make sure you get the dog to a vet as quickly as possible. The sooner the growth is treated, the better, and your dog can return to its normal routine.

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