How to Build your Own Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Pizzas are a treat to the tastebuds. It is very easy to make pizzas at home. Anyone can build up outdoor pizza ovens. It just takes some basic steps to build a wood fire pizza oven. Though the process is quite exhausting, it is worth the time and labor. Anything can be baked in the wood-fired ovens, not just pizzas.

The ovens hold the heat for long time periods, so one can roast or bake even in the next day. It is better to build the wood-fired ovens in the backyard for safety. Also during backyard parties, it is easier to access. But the outdoor pizza ovens are permanent and cannot be moved once built.

This article will guide the readers to build an outdoor pizza oven at their houses on their own. The steps of building the oven are given below.

Making the plinth

This process is a lengthy one. Here the foundation of the oven has to be established. At first, the frame has to be built with bricks and block. Once the frame has been finalized, it has to be cemented. A square solid box-shaped structure should be formed. A layer of stones and rubbles should be laid at the center.

Upon which another layer of the glass bottles and sand has to be laid. This is done to keep it warm. These layers act as the heat sink, by warming the oven up, and radiating back the heat throughout the oven. The last and the topmost layer is built with smooth bricks to form the floor of the oven. This is where cooking will be done.

Making dome mold

Next, the dome mold has to be built with the help of some damp sand. A dome of sand has to be constructed at the center of the plinth.

Cutting the entrance of the oven

The entrance of the oven has to be cut out. It can be easily done with a knife. The entrance should be large enough so that it can fit a roasting tray. But it should be enough small to store the heat.

Creating an insulation layer

This layer is not too difficult to create. With a lump of clay and water, a dome has to be formed, which acts as an insulation layer for the oven.

Final shell

Once the oven is built. It has to be left to dry for two days. Then the debris and extra sand have to be cleaned.

Cooking in wood fire oven is an enriching experience. It does not take much to light up these ovens. If wood or dried hardwood is not available, it can be lit up with newspapers or small sticks. Extra care should be taken while making pizza in these outdoor pizza ovens. The ovens should be covered with a secured tarpaulin when not in regular usages. Making own homemade pizza in backyard ovens is ideal for vacations or family gathering

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