How to Become a School Counselor

Our school years are among the most important years in our lives. It is during these years that we do a lot of our learning and growing, and they have a huge influence on how the rest of our lives progress. Personalities develop and friendships are made and broken. As a result, these are turbulent years for children and they often need the guidance of a trained, impartial adult.

If you think that you are the kind of person that can make a positive difference in children’s lives, you should consider becoming a school counselor. Anyone can start the process to become a counselor; all that’s required is drive and ambition.

How Do I Become a School Counselor?

In order to become a school counselor, you will need to go through a rigorous training program, as well as studying all the necessary educational courses. You can either do these through a physical university or, as an increasing number of students are discovering, through an online university. Many respected universities offer online equivalents to their campus courses.

Check out this article for more information on the online masters in school counseling. St Bonaventure University is one of the many reputable academic institutions in the US that offer online courses.

Why Are School Counselors Important?

Children need regular guidance as they go through their school years. Many children will also have personal and family issues that they have to contend with and there are also children who aren’t able to rely on their family like most of us are. Whatever the reason, many children can benefit from having an impartial adult that they can approach when they need advice.

A counselor will provide a vital service to children, their parents, and schools. When children feel like they are lost or alone, or just overwhelmed by life, school counselors are there to make sure that the world of academia is not a cold and uncaring edifice.

The goal of a school counselor’s work is to ensure that children’s mental health is in order. Along with teachers and other staff at a school, counselors are a vital component of a holistic approach to student wellbeing that emphasizes student happiness over academic attainment.

What Does a School Counselor Do?

The work of a school counselor is varied and no two days will be the same. While students regularly deal with the same issues, each student is their own unique person and so the way that they respond to life’s common stresses will vary. Some students are more resilient than others and those that are less well equipped to deal with stress and pressure will require additional support.

As a school counselor, you will be required to develop and to teach a wide variety of different skills. As an individual, you will need to have the resilience to listen to sometimes difficult issues and respond in a compassionate and professional manner.

If you think that working as a school counselor might be the right career move for you, have a look at online courses today. With online studying, anyone can study for a degree while continuing to work a job and meet other commitments.

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