How to Become A Field Support Specialist

A person who acts as a field support specialist is given the job of providing on-site support for clients and serves as a communication channel between clients and a firm or company. Another name for these people is a field support engineer, and they are masterminds of different types of skills. Some of which include; networking, software and hardware repair and configuration, testing and documentation of experiences gathered on the field. The people who are specialists in this field also possess the skill of installation, especially when it comes to software. People who engage in this line of work are often needed in software or hardware companies all over the world, and in different firms which do most of their work on the field and bring the results back to work on. Also, a field support specialist possesses the skill of field management software or hardware.

Some people may likely ask what it takes to be a field support specialist, as nothing efficient comes easy. When you work as a field specialist, your task is to mainly interact with clients and computers, get updates on what can make things better in your company, and relay them to your supervisors or subordinates. A field support specialist has the opportunity to receive nothing less than $87,000 per annum, and this amount can go higher depending on the company you work with. However, before you get to this juncture, you have to know what you need to do, to be referred to as a field support specialist.

How Do I Become A Field Support Specialist

Due to the set of skills found in different jobs that require the use of computers, there are various ways to become a field support specialist. The first thing you need to do is have a bachelor’s degree in any area of computer, and if you get lucky, you can opt for computer engineering, which will give you an edge over others. Also, you should have a specific skill that you are attached to, and have an MSc in any computer field. Aside from these two main categories needed to become a field support specialist, you must also possess the following skills.


A field support specialist has to be attentive always, to the needs and complaints of clients or customers to understand where they are coming from and provide solutions for them as soon as possible.


When customers come to you as a field support specialist, they have it at the back of their minds that you are going to help them arrive at a solution. So you must possess the skill of solving problems, no matter how difficult they are.

How to Speak

People usually react to the way you speak rather than the way you behave, so as a field support specialist, you have to be mindful of the way you talk to customers and those who could be in the future.

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