How to Avoid Bad Tattoos

Tattoos are the new fad. Nothing says, “I’m cool and trendy” like ink on the skin. Is it any wonder that many entertainment stars have tattoos all over their bodies?

However, not all that glitters is gold. A tattoo could go horribly wrong if not crafted carefully. Sometimes you may experience the effects of a poorly-inked tattoo years later. Let’s explore some steps to avoiding bad tattoos.

Know What You Want

While some get tattoos purely for aesthetic reasons, others have an underlying meaning behind each design. Whatever your goal is, having clarity on why you are getting that tattoo helps you cut through the clutter.

Some artists have carved a niche in drawing portraits, while others are the doyens of text. Once you know what you want, choosing a specialist would be easy.

Additionally, take time to find out if you want the tattoo, or the feeling is fleeting. Imagine inking a permanent tattoo only to realize that’s not what you want. If you have doubts, talk to people who have had the experience before and pick their brains.

Conduct Due Diligence

Not all tattoo parlors are first-rate. Some are sub-standard and are likely to destroy your skin. Look for a reputable salon with skilled artists. A simple Google, Instagram, or Twitter search should do the trick, in addition to asking your friends for recommendations. Any tattoo company worth its salt should have a portfolio of its previous work online for all to see.

There are tattoo artists who have even made grammatical mistakes, only to realize it afterward. A poorly done tattoo can result in infections, scars, discomfort, and grave diseases. Skin infections can linger for years. Here is where you can get more information on avoiding skin infections.

Don’t settle for the cheapest option. If the rates are below average, you are likely to receive sloppy tattoos. Go for the best artist you can find.

Make Sure the Studio is Licensed

Find out if the salon is registered and licensed. That certification is an indication that the business is well-equipped and prepared to deliver timely service.

Additionally, you’ll have a legal grounding in case you want to sue or to pursue a settlement when things go awry. There are small claims courts that attend to such matters in case you need compensation or some sort of justice.

Make a Trip to the Studio

Looking at a place on the internet and going there in person can give two different perceptions. It may be worth your while to visit the parlor you settle on and get a feel of the place.

Observe how the artists work and how they conduct themselves amongst clients. There’s a lot an in-person conversation reveals. By the end of your visit, you’d have a fair idea of what you’re getting into and whether it’s worth it.


Getting a tattoo is the easiest part. What you do afterward is what matters most. At its core, a tattoo is a wound. Care for and treat it with caution and precision. Your tattoo artist should give you a regimen to follow for the next few weeks. Follow it religiously.

Read this article to get more information on proper tattoo aftercare.

In Conclusion

Although tattoos are trendy, there is the potential for error. Never hand over your skin to a tattoo artist you don’t trust. If the artists do not have a robust portfolio, license, and experience behind them, that might be your cue to flee.

Start by being clear on exactly what you want. Then, research which artists can bring your idea to reality. Finally, check out the studio to see if you feel comfortable there. Once you’ve ticked these boxes, you can settle on a good tattoo artist.

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