How to adapt Your Style through Life Stages

As we go through life, we come to phases of change. They are different for everyone, and they can come at various ages. However, in all of them, the most important element is our capacity to adapt to it. It can be a source of growth, or it can create difficulties, according to how we view these changes. Clothes are often part of these moments of renewal as well. Here is how they take part in our transformations.

From adolescence to adulthood

Although we won’t focus on it, the very first change in clothing style takes place when we step into adolescence. This is usually quite radical, and it tends to happen overnight. For some, it will take place very early, while others may wait a few years more, before they leave childhood. But it gets more complicated when we reach that age where we need to move on from adolescence to adulthood. For one, we all want to remain young for as long as possible. Therefore, moving into adulthood seems somewhat like a sacrifice. Granted, that is not true for everyone. Some people can’t wait to move on.

Elegance is one of the most distinctive qualities of the clothes we start wearing as we grow into young adults. That is when we start putting on evening dresses to go to a restaurant or our first chinchilla fur coat, when the seasons turn. It is also when we start wearing business clothes, for those who work in offices. The key to make this change, is to keep it close to who we are. It is not because we suddenly become workers and have to show more responsibility, that we should change everything we are. Therefore, if something doesn’t feel right: Don’t wear it.

A Change in Mentality

The way people see life and go through it in the 21st century, is quite different than the previous ones. We live in a world that is much more opened to new ideas and different ways of approaching things. Therefore, it is quite possible for someone to remain in its own style, throughout her whole life. That said, there will always need to be adjustments made along the way, which will reflect who we have become. Normally, they are visible through the way we dress and take place at moments of our lives, when other changes arrive as well.

Just keep in mind that you want to express through your clothes, the way you feel inside. If you look at yourself in the mirror and you think you need to change something, then do it. But don’t ever force it, or there will always be something that others will feel false about you, otherwise.