How to Achieve Healthier Skin in 9 Days?

If you want healthier skin but have no idea how to get it, these couple of minutes could solve you the big problem.

Sometimes it’s frustrating to keep noticing those signs of aging like creasing, wrinkling, dropping, and dryness.

Dr. Amy Wechsler, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, and psychiatrist, says that it’s the tension that creates those lines on your face. Stress can add up to six years to the look of your skin. That’s why you need to focus on doing something for healthier skin.

Her book talks about reverse stress aging and revealing youthful and beautiful skin. She introduces you to a nine-day renewal method and lets you focus on new focal points. You should keep these points under your management through the nine days and after that, for life.

Why nine days?

“I wanted to mimic a week-long vacation, which is two weekends book-ending a week,” says Wechsler. “It resonates with most people when they come home from a week’s vacation, look in the mirror and they feel and look much better. I was trying to recreate that experience.”

Can you commit for the sake of healthier skin?

Let’s do this.

Healthier Skin

Day 1: Simplify

  • Establish Daily Face-Care Habits

Stick to the basics using a gentle cleanser, moisturizer with sunscreen for the day and one without for the night and don’t forget the gentle exfoliator.

  • Begin Your Regular Sleep Schedule

We all need eight hours of sleep to restore and heal fully.

Day 2: Relax

There are plenty of things you can do to relax. You can read some good book, meet up with old friends, book a massage, or have sex with your partner.

That should do it.

Take a second and focus on your breathing routine. Listen and feel how you inhale and exhale. Appreciate it.

Day 3: Go Green

Go out and start living in your surroundings. Vitamin D is essential for blood circulation. Grab a carry-on cup of green tea while you are taking that fresh walk in the park.

Day 4: Eat Clean

Always opt-in for nutrient rich foods. The fast and processed foods won’t do good for your overall health, and you can kiss goodbye healthier skin.

Day 5: Make a Move

Only 30 minutes of exercise every day is enough to get those muscles and blood moving.

Day 6: Get Social

Time spent with your friends and family. The stories you are going to share will fulfill your life and make you laugh more.

Day 7: Fight Stress

Meditation will let you fight off stress efficiently. It will keep your heart young and function normally.

Day 8: Sleep More

Take a nap whenever you have the chance to do that. You will notice an increase in stamina and happier disposition.

Day 9: Pause

Reward yourself with something good. Reflect on what happened for the past nine days. See the right things and start building on them.

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Source: BestHealthMag

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