How The Working Life Affects Your Kids

It would be a lie to say that life isn’t hectic and messy. Throw in kids and a full-time job and it just makes the equation all that more confusing. All that aside, the world is a much different place than what it was 40 or 50 years ago. Heck, just look how far women have come in the workplace. They are not only making as much money as their cohorts these days, but some of them are even put into positions of immense power.

You combine this with the struggling economy and the rising prices and it is more than easy to understand why both parents would want to take on a career as well as kids. However, you do have to remember that your job not only affects you, it also affects those around you, especially if you are gone for long hours.

Feelings Of Neglect

It is already easy enough for children to feel neglected, they are fragile creatures after all, but you leave them for 6 days a week, 10 hours a day and they are going to feel even more neglected. And, this is not to even count the overtime hours and missed holidays. Heck, don’t you feel somewhat neglected by your spouse? This is all understandable, but there is simply no way around it either. You need your paycheck.

This is why you have to set time aside for your children. Make at least a few hours for them a day. Maybe before work or late in the evenings. Let them know how important they are to you, and that you are going to work so you can provide for them.

Potential Missed Illnesses

Another major problem with being gone from home all the time is potential missed illnesses. When you are away from always want to make sure that your children are in the hands of capable individuals, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out this way. Even if the individual is medically adept, he or she could miss something. No one knows your kids like you and you can probably read them better than anyone. That being said, it is pretty easy to tell when a kid is sick because they will either tell you or show it by crying. Whatever the situation is, just remember there are tons of after hours pediatrics for busy parents.

They Grow Up Faster

The thing about two working parents is that it also leaves little time for chores around the house. This is something that the stay at home parent usually takes care of. Well, chances are you cannot afford a maid after paying the nanny or daycare. It is good for kids to learn some responsibility. It will help shape them for the future, but it is not uncommon for kids with working parents to grow up faster. And, this is because they oftentimes begin to see the chores as their responsibility once they reach a certain age. Not only this but when the parents are away and the children are old enough they will have to cook and care for themselves.

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