How snoring can harm your marriage

Infidelity, financial problems, lack of communication and intimacy, and constant arguing are generally the most common reasons for divorce. But in recent times, there has been observed many unreasonable reasons for divorce, according to The Express, and snoring happens to be one of the leading causes for divorce.

Bad for health, worse for relationships!

Snoring is one of the most common complaints of those enjoying marital bliss so much so that it can deeply impact their relationship as a whole. Right from our cognitive functioning, physical and mental health – everything largely depends on how well we sleep. You need a good night’s sleep in order to function properly.

Disturbed sleep can adversely affect our health in multiple ways such as our learning, memory, decision making power and thought process may not function the way they should. Moreover, it can affect our mood swings quite largely. Irritability, anxiety, depression, weakened immunity, are just some of the results of disrupted sleep pattern. Know someone who suffers from deep resentments against their spouse and has a damaged couple hood? Snoring maybe the cause behind it.

Snore – complaint – snore – psychology

Snoring is absolutely irritating and unbearable but when it comes to dealing with it, most couples shy away from doing so. Not because they do not want to, but because they feel helpless about bringing up such issues on the table and trying to resolve them. It is not what people do, it is how helpless people feel psychologically when it comes to handling common complaints. Most of the times, people tend to find venting out about the issues they are bothered about as the easiest method to handle a situation instead of making an effort to resolve it.  In his book The Squeaky Wheel, author Guy Winch has discussed at length how the complaining mind set can adversely affect our lives, relationships and make you feel defeated and frustrated all the time. Solution lies in doing away with helplessness and learning the ways to complaint in a more effective way.

Mostly, the partner who is in a habit of snoring feels as if there is no way to tackle this problem while the other spouse may slowly creep into the rut of constant complaining. And that’s not all, the snorer in his defence may always say – “Come one, nudge me. I will roll on my side and stop snoring.” But guess what, that solution is very temporary and only works for a few minutes. The problem of snoring is a very major issue than what it seems on the surface and if it is not tackled properly or left unresolved, it can cause major health issues as well.

Relocating from your room to a couch is a strict no-no

If you thought that couple therapies are just about focusing on different emotional issues, think again. Your sex life is not the only thing that you need to tackle as a serious problem, snoring too is a major concern. Snoring can seriously mess up with your sex life, your relationship, emotions – not just with your partner but on a personal level as well – your overall being in general, actually!

Quite rarely, a couple decides to sleep in separate rooms. Rather, when the non-snorer of the two wakes up due to disturbance, he or she decides to pick their pillow and blanket and spend rest of the night in the living room’s couch, study room or even in their kid’s bedroom. They tend to spend the morning by returning to their bed and feeling grateful about having to sleep uninterrupted. Such overnight migrations gradually turn into a rule and eventually solidify into a ‘permanent temporary solution’.

How to handle the snoring complaints?

Wondering how can such issues be tackled without harming the marriage, couple hood and sex lives? Here are a few ways that can help you solve the grave threat of snoring –

1. The person who gets affected by snoring should raise this as a serious issue and ask for a resolve as soon as possible. Raising this will let the other person realise how the problem has been bringing lots of problem in the relationship.

2. The snorer must acknowledge this as a major issue and agree to seek medical help. If it means going to a sleep clinic and discussing about it at length, why not? The problem of snoring may be a wake up call for other medical ailments say thickening of the two major blood vessel lining or abnormalities in the carotid artery.

3. Has the snorer started taking steps to curb the problem? Good! The one who is being affected must be appreciative about the fact how the snorer is constantly trying to take steps to resolve the problem. Remember, appreciation is the key to having a successful and healthy relationship.

4. Ear plugs are one of the best things out there in the market that you can opt in for! If you are someone who dreams of a good night’s sleep and you are a couple that does not have kids (yet), you could make use of earplugs that are known for cancelling disturbances such as snoring. On a lighter note, make sure that you can hear the alarm bell snooze and the fire alarm ring – just in case. Checkout the best earplugs for sleeping that you can buy on the market right now.

5. Light snorers can breathe a sigh of relief with white noise machines. How? They can help even out the snores.

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