How Single Panel Radiators are Underutilised

When most of us go shopping for radiators, we want to get the biggest and most powerful radiators we can get our hands on to heat rooms in an instant. It is often the case that consumers will opt for double panel radiators as they see them as the safe bet for the most efficient radiator.

You may be surprised to learn though that this isn’t the case, in large part down the work of the humble single panel convector radiator. Let me tell you why I think you should give these smaller options a second thought the next time you’re going to buy a radiator.

They’re space savers

People tend to think of radiators in terms of length and height, but I believe that depth is much more important. If you have radiators that jut out or don’t sit right and feel like they get in the way, a slim single panel model is the way to go.

Most single panel radiators sit between 60 mm-80 mm deep, which helps a lot when space is at a premium.

They use less water

Double panels mean twice as much water is needed to get a radiator up to temperature. If you’re looking to lower energy consumption at home when you have the heating on, don’t automatically go for a product that will want to suck up as much energy as possible.

Many brands specializing in single panel radiators, especially those who make their radiators from aluminum, will incorporate low flow technology in the radiator.  It’s a basic principle of pulling out air and allowing a smaller volume of hot water to enter the radiator. The process creates the same level of heat as a traditional radiator with a lower reliance on new hot water.

They have a special feature hidden in plain sight

Going back slightly to what I said regarding space-saving. There is one way you can have a single panel radiator almost reach the same output as a double panel on its own, and it happens to be at the back of the radiator.

When shopping around, look for single panel radiators which have a row of fins attached. In fact, if you are given the option, always choose the radiator with fins. Why are they important? Well, they artificially increase the surface area of the radiator. Remember that radiators work by drawing cold air up through the back, heating it, and pushing hot air up through the top. By placing a row of fins, you can boost heat output without needing more water.

Find your ideal single panel radiator

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