How Romantic Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Knows The Answer?

Love, romance, and attention are essential parts of every relationship.  While the planets have blessed certain zodiac signs with the gift of being romantic, there are others who lack this quality and this can easily lead to the end of the relationship. Even though all 12 horoscope signs are caring and loving partners who express their affection in their own different ways,  some of them  are more romantic.  Find out how romantic you are, according to your zodiac sign!


As an Aries, you’re determined, strong, energetic, and enthusiastic about everything you do in life. You’re a Fire sign, so you’re never boring and you always bring fun and high energy to the relationship, giving your partner an adventurous romantic experience. You’re highly demonstrative of your love and constantly trying to find new ways to make your partner feel  loved  and appreciated.


When it comes to love, you’re one of the most stable, sensible, patient, and romantic signs of the zodiac. As an Earth sign, you’re a reliable, devoted, and honest partner, and you always make sure to let your significant other know that they can depend on you. You put thought into everything you do in your relationship including your dates, presents, and the food you make for your partner.


Even though  you’re a highly communicative and fun person, when it comes to showing your affection, you’re not well-versed, Gemini. Your idea of romance is usually self-centered, because  you want to make your partner experience things which you love, which kills the idea of romance.  You’re witty and sharp, so you know how to stimulate your partner’s mind and body.


You’re incredibly romantic, emotional, and caring, Cancer! Love and family are two of the most important things in your life,  so you always know how to make your partner feel important, cared for and loved. You’re very understanding and loyal, and you never hesitate to offer your significant other your shoulder to lean on.   Even though you’re very sensitive and vulnerable, that doesn’t stop you from falling head over heels in love every time.


As a Leo, you’re fiercely loyal, passionate and very romantic when you’re in a relationship. You’re a a proud sign and a bit of a show-off, so you’re prone to grand romantic gestures like buying expensive presents, going  to the nicest places for dinner,  writing poems, and taking your partner on dates and new adventures every day.


You’re witty, analytical, organized, and a practical person, Virgo. In love, you’re a reliable partner who knows how to spoil their loved one, advise them and fix every problem. Since you’re a perfectionist, you put in constant efforts to be perfect in everything you do, in this case diligently giving yourself in love and romance.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, you’re very caring, gentle, graceful and loving sign that focuses on partnerships and the needs of other people. You’re the type of partner who is approachable and willing to offer guidance in any way. You’re flirty and demanding in a relationship, but at the same time you’re also romantic and full of surprises.


As one of the most complex signs, you tend to be mysterious, distrusting and find it hard to open up to people. Although you’re highly sensitive and passionate, you find it difficult to show your emotions to your partner. However, once you’re sure that you can trust them, you’re incredibly loyal, loving, and romantic even though at times you can be also possessive and jealous.


You’re the type of person who is overprotective of their loved ones. You will do whatever is in your power to keep your partner safe and happy. You’re considered to be unromantic, but the truth is that you never cease to excite and surprise your significant other. You’re full of energy and you love living a fulfilling life and taking your partner on new adventures.


As an Earth sign, you’re a traditional person who finds love and romance to be some things of great importance. You have a lot of love, honesty, and loyalty to offer. You’re a committed and supporting partner and you’re able to work hard to make sure that your loved one is happy, as long as they’re willing to do the same for you.


Even though you’re humanitarian by nature, you’re one of the least romantic signs of the zodiac, Aquarius. You find it difficult to express your emotions and you’re always focused on your goals and dreams. Since you’re very independent, you love to live alone and you’re not willing to compromise. You don’t like the traditional ways of romance, and even when you’re in a committed relationship you prefer to still be able to enjoy life as it was before the relationship.


You’re one of the most selfless and emotional signs of the zodiac, Pisces. You’re a hopeless romantic that dreams of a fairy tale-like romance and believes in happily ever after. In a relationship, you will do anything to keep your partner happy. You’re caring, attentive, great listener who genuinely cares about people and knows how to show love.

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