How Recruiting a Google AdWords Management Company Pays Off

Digital marketing and online shopping have become part of many peoples’ lives, especially during the pandemic. This has generated huge opportunities for firms to advertise their offerings. However, it also means any company that does not capitalize fully on the digital channels available to it risks falling behind its competitors in the race to win new customers.

Winning a new customer is six times harder than retaining an existing one. That means if one of your target buyers finds your competition first and starts buying from them, you are much less likely to ever win that customer over to your firm.

How Google AdWords campaign management helps

Google AdWords is a great way to bring serious potential buyers to your website. Considering the power of the Google algorithm and the way Ads can be targeted to such specific criteria, well-executed Google AdWords campaigns are difficult to match in terms of their precision.

That said, to be as successful as possible, Google AdWords campaigns need a lot of care and attention, especially at the start. Even then, as they progress, they need to be monitored and tweaked to ensure they are attracting the right number and quality of clicks.

But harnessing the power of Google can reinvigorate your funnel of sales leads and attract new business that would otherwise go the way of competitors. This article tells you how to get started with recruiting the expert help you need to hire a Google AdWords management company.

Why recruit an AdWords management company

Having decided to get started with some Google AdWords campaign management, your next step is to recruit some outside expertise to help you set up and run them.

It may seem like an attractive option to run them yourselves. Whether you have a marketing team already or not, this is most likely a mistake. Google AdWords management is one of the most technical aspects of marketing and involves professional skills to be successful. In fact, even many firms with large, experienced marketing teams use external help for running AdWords.

As well as the skills needed to set up and run campaigns, the other advantage external AdWords consultants have is that they have the time to dedicate to their customers’ campaigns. This is in direct contrast to internal marketing teams that likely have multiple campaigns to manage, on top of events and tradeshows.

Getting into the detail

To be successful, AdWords campaign management is all about little and often management. At the start, Ad copy will need to be created, as well as dedicated landing pages designed to convert clicks into serious leads. Keyword research is also another area that an agency worth its salt will be able to help you with.

By letting a pro handle finer points such as this, you can sit back knowing your campaign is in good hands.

From a budgetary perspective, you can think of your agency as an investment. But really it is actually likely to save you money on wasted clicks that sub-optimal campaigns would otherwise generate.

Recruiting your AdWords management company

Next, begin the process of recruiting a Google AdWords consultant help you. Draft up an overview of your firm, and some idea of your budget and objectives for your campaign.

Send this off to a few agencies that catch your eye, and ask them how they would envisage running your campaigns. Ask them for a strategic view, and the tactical services they would offer.

When you get the responses in, pick a couple you like the best and arrange a call or meeting with them. Press the flesh a little to see if you like the people behind the logo and if you could envisage forming a successful long-term working relationship with them.

Use this chance to ask them about their existing clients and what they have delivered for them. If you like what you hear, it is also important to talk about budgets and contracts early on to get everyone on the same page. Also, understand your shortlisted agency’s billing model to see if it fits with your budget cycles or cash flow model.

Once you are sure, make your choice. The sooner you start harnessing the power of Google, the more successful your business will become!

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Photo by Arthur Osipyan