How Often You Should Hire Deep Cleaning Services

There are cleaning tasks that are more obvious, such as putting the washing machine or washing the dishes (so that they do not accumulate in a pile). However, do you know how often to clean the dust in the living room or to vacuum the rooms? Have you ever considered how often the bathroom tiles are cleaned? And the kitchen extractor?

If you want to know how to clean a house really or how often to hire deep cleaning service, as Fathima Jasmine, a Dubai deep cleaning specialist, points out, check out this compilation that we propose:


How often should the bathrooms be cleaned?

In normal use (not intensive or sporadic), it is advisable to clean the bathrooms at least once a week, paying special attention to the toilet. In some cases, it is advisable to review the cleaning of the toilet extra throughout the week to sanitize.

How often are bathroom tiles cleaned?

This task can already be more sporadic (once a month, for example) since they do not usually accumulate too much dirt. Of course, you have to take more frequent care of the areas closest to the toilet, the shower and the sink, which usually have splashes and traces of moisture.


We must clean the kitchen surfaces daily such as tables, countertops and stoves if we use them for cooking every day. Also, the sink, which can accumulate large numbers of germs. As for sweeping and scrubbing the kitchen floor, we can do it three to four times a week (it all depends on the use and care we put in).

For example, cleaning the refrigerator inside is not usually an emergency (except for accidents with food), but we should do it at least once every two months.

As for the oven, we should clean it after each use, especially when we have cooked with some fat (fish, meat, vegetables, etc.). The extractor hood usually accumulates a large amount of fat if we cook daily, so we should review it once a week and perform a thorough monthly cleaning.

For this part, the microwave should be checked inside once a week to avoid odors and ensure hygienic use.


Cleaning the furniture and decorative objects in the room can be a task that we do once a week, just like vacuuming. If we live with a pet that looses hair, we probably need to do some more review.

How often are windows cleaned? The frequency of this task is very relative and depends a lot on personal preferences and priorities. Ideally, the windows should be cleaned once a week, although in the rainy season, the windows are likely to get dirty more frequently. If you do not have too much repair, you can clean the windows of your house once or twice a month.

Do not forget to clean the curtains with the vacuum cleaner once a week, as well as wash them at least twice a year. Also, the carpets need cleaning by taking advantage of the season change.


Once a week, in addition to changing sheets, we should pass the vacuum cleaner and scrub the floors, in addition to removing dust from the different surfaces. As for the window panes, they can be reviewed once a month, establishing a rotation between the different rooms of the house to complete their cleaning.

As for washing the pillows, we should do it at least twice a year. Although it is advisable to do it every two months, covers included. As for the mattress, we recommend taking advantage of the change of season to clean it at least twice a year.


The blinds are one of the corners of the house that are least cleaned (or not cleaned at all). Because they are in contact with the outside, they are the ones that get dirtier. To clean a blind, you can pass a damp cloth through the slats. The problem, of course, lies on the outside of the blind: under no circumstances should we go outside to clean it.

To properly clean a blind, we must remove the drum cover. There, in addition to discovering a great nest of dirt, we can clean the lamas of the exterior one by one. Hiring a deep cleaning service to clean the drum from time to time is a good idea. At least, if we don’t want our blinds to rot and we have to buy a new one.


Review the entrance door to the house at least every six months and do not forget the blinds, which usually accumulate a lot of dust and visible dirt.

If you have a terrace, during good weather, you will have to clean it every week: sweep and mop the floor.

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