How Much Does a Mobile Home Cost?

Do you want to own a home that twinsets your dream design at an affordable cost? This piece helps you learn the different types of mobile homes and their costs. It provides information on land and the associated costs such as utility connection, establishment, and customization. You also get to compare the different financing options for easy selection.

With costs as low as $10,000, you can purchase a single-wide mobile home. You can buy a new one between $75,000 and $250,000, depending on the model.

Types of Mobile Homes

After viewing elegant mobile home photos on the internet or visiting one that belongs to a friend, you probably feel it’s time to execute your plan. The cost of your mobile home will vary depending on numerous factors. One of the primary factors is the type of mobile home you decide to buy.

There are 3 types of mobile homes.

1. Single-Wide

Single-wide is the smallest of the three. Its standard dimensions fall within 10 to 16 ft. in width by 42 to 90 ft. in length. These dimensions provide you with a living space that is around 600 to 1,300 sq. ft. They are referred to as ‘single’ since you can haul them as a single unit to a specific site or location.

Due to their size, they normally accommodate two bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, one living room, and a kitchen. In some cases, owners choose to give up one bedroom for a larger living space. These home models are suitable for small families.

2. Double-Wide

Double-wide is the most common mobile home since it’s flexible and has a larger space. Its dimensions fall within 20 to 24 ft. in width by 42 to 90 ft. in length. These measurements give you a living area of up to 2,000 sq. ft.

They are much larger than single-wide mobile homes, and you can only haul them to the site in two separate sections. After this, the assembling takes place. This model is also flexible in terms of room layouts.

The standard room allotment is usually 3 bedrooms, 2/3 bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and washing rooms. Compared to the single-wide model, this mobile home is large enough and more comfortable for an average family. With exceptional lawn care, it will give your outdoor space a splendid look.

3. Triple or Multiple-Wide

The multi-wide mobile home is not very popular, but it is gradually taking its share of the market. This model is around 50 ft. in length. Its width varies greatly and can provide a maximum living space of 4,500 sq. ft. That’s pretty huge compared to the single and double-wide mobile homes.

The typical room allotment that you will find in a triple-wide mobile home includes 3 to 5 bedrooms, 3 to 4 bathrooms, a varied kitchen combination, living room, dining room, washing room, and foyer.

Mobile House Costs

If you are looking for a mobile house that can provide basic living, a single-wide model will do. A new single-wide model costs around $40,000. You can also purchase a used one from $10,000 to $25,000.

For a larger and more comfortable space that can accommodate a bigger family, you can purchase a double-wide mobile home. This model will cost you $ 75,000 when new. A used double-wide goes for $20,000 to $50,000.

Triple-wide or multiple-wide models cost between $100,000 and $ 250,000 when new. Used multiple-wide homes go for $50,000 and above. You can choose your model depending on your budget, your family’s size, and the layout you want to achieve. Homes Direct has an in-depth analysis into all the factors that affect modular homes prices, where you can learn more.

The Cost of Land

The land you are going to tow your mobile home to is a primary factor. You have to keep this in mind as you plan to avoid getting overwhelmed. After selecting the type of mobile home, you will live in, you can buy land or lease a mobile home lot in a trailer park.

The cost of these two options varies depending on your location. For example, a plot in Arizona can cost you $20,000, while the same size of the plot will cost you $2.5 million in California. Quite a significant difference.

If you opt to lease a lot, you will pay an average cost of $380 monthly. Nevertheless, it may increase if you will have access to park amenities like a swimming pool, recreational areas, and parks.

Additional Costs

Besides land-related expenses, there are other costs that accompany mobile homes. They include:


While most mobile home manufacturers offer free delivery, it is up to a specific radius. In case your location is beyond it, you will have to incur the extra cost.


Mobile homes are flexible and easily customizable. You can customize the interior by adding appliances, a fireplace, a built-in desk, kid-proof décor if you have young children, or shelving. On the exterior, you may fix decorative doors or siding. All these heighten your total cost.


After purchasing your mobile home, you will have to connect to common utilities like electricity, sewage, cable, internet, and water. These will determine your final cost.

While utility connection costs usually vary from place to place, you can pay a meager amount if you get a lot in a mobile home park whose utilities are set up. You will only have to cater to the connection cost.

If you decide to put up your mobile home in a piece of land that has not been built on before, you will shoulder many costs. For instance, getting a permit, establishing and fixing key utilities.

Financing Options

Mobile homes have financial options just like conventional housing. They include:

  • Personal Loan – A mobile home is easier to finance compared to a conventional one. You can fund it using a personal loan as opposed to a specialized loan or a mortgage. It is a better option since you don’t have to provide collateral. Nevertheless, personal loans tend to attract higher interest rates than mortgages.
  • Mortgage Loan – Mortgage loans come with numerous benefits like low-interest rates, better repayment terms, and tax deductions.
  • Chattel Loan – It is a special loan for mobile homeowners who lease a lot for their homes. Its down payment can be very low, 5%. Nevertheless, chattel loan interest rates are so high.

Wrapping Up

While owning a home is the dream of many people, the price of construction and land ownership gets in their way. Mobile home owning comes in handy because it is cheaper and takes less time. The cost of owning a single-wide model can range from $10,000 to $ 40,000 depending on whether it’s used or new.

You can get a new double-wide model at $75,000. The cost of a multiple-wide mobile home ranges between $100,000 and $250,000. Other costs that accompany mobile homes include land, utility connection, delivering, establishing, and customizing your home. When you strategize on these, you can settle effortlessly.