How Moms Can Treat Themselves This Spring

As a mother, you might find that it’s difficult to take the time to do something for yourself. Your activities likely include cooking, cleaning, caring for your children, and working outside the home if you don’t stay home with your kids. Sometimes, taking just an hour or two during the day for yourself can make you feel new and refreshed, which is beneficial for yourself and your family as you’ll likely have more energy to face the day. Here are a few ways that you can treat yourself this spring.

Read a Book

Whether it’s lounging in your backyard or going to a park and sitting on a bench, there are several places where you can kick back and relax with your favorite book. Being a mom sometimes doesn’t involve finishing a book or even finishing a chapter in a book. With a few hours on your own, you can get deep into a romance novel, a spooky tale, or another genre that you enjoy.


If you feel the stress of being a mother, then consider spending a few hours at a spa. Some of the spa services that are typically available include a massage, a facial, and a manicure. You can customize the package that you get so that the areas of your body that are sore or that need attention the most are addressed. Make it a trip with friends by booking a weekend at a hotel that offers spa services so that you get some adult conversation while being away from home for a night.

Pool Days

The spring season often brings warm weather. Even if your local pool isn’t open for swimming, you can still lounge in a chair around the pool to relax the day away. If the pool is open, take a few laps in the water before soaking up the sun. You could also sit on the side of the pool and soak your feet or legs while reading, listening to music, or simply observing the activities of the day.


Even if your children or your significant other buys you flowers throughout the year, there’s nothing like afresh bouquet of roses or your favorite flower to brighten your day. When you go out to run errands, grab a bouquet for yourself to display in your home so that you can look at them every day. They can turn even the longest day into one that’s filled with smiles and sunshine.

Tasty Treats

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee with a little whipped cream on top, a donut, or another pastry that you like to make you feel all warm inside. After getting the kids off to school, spend some time alone at a little cafe so that you can treat yourself to something besides a bowl of cereal. If you have time, consider traveling a little farther away to visit a bakery or cafe that you might not regularly visit or that you haven’t been to at all so that you get a few sweet treats that are a little different.


One of the ways to treat yourself this spring is to take a nap. It might not seem like a lot, but resting on the couch or in your bed for even an hour or two can make you feel like a new woman. This treat offers more than just relaxation as it’s free to enjoy!


There are several stores that have makeup counters that are usually happy to do your makeup if you want to see how new colors might look. You could also visit a salon to have someone style your hair and do your makeup as well so that you have a new look.