How Many Emails Do Moms of School Kids Write Each Day?

Make no mistake about it, modern moms – especially those with school-age children – are masters of multitasking and (somehow) compressing maybe 32 hours worth of stuff into each 24 hour day.

And they do a heckuva job of it, too!

Thankfully, though, moms today don’t have to juggle all of these responsibilities alone.

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the last ten years, particularly in the productivity department, to give moms some “secret weapons” they can use to keep the family organized, to keep things on track, and to keep their sanity!

Below we run through how modern moms of school-aged children are using email to significant effect, leveraging this powerful technology to help lead happier, healthier, and more productive families without a whole lot of extra effort.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Have a Simple Email System

The first rule of using email to better organize your life as a mom with school-aged children is to create as simple an email system to use as humanly possible – and then avoid adding ANY extra complexity that isn’t necessary later down the line.

It’s effortless (and tempting) to want to build out this overly complex email system to manage everything you’ve got going on, but that’s only going to lead to more headaches and frustration.

No, keep to a simple system – emails in, emails out, and a handful of filter tags to keep your inbox clean and uncluttered – and you’ll be able to knock this part of your day out in a hurry.

It doesn’t hurt to have a set time that you handle your emails as a mom with school-aged children, either. You might want to knock this out early in the morning, somewhere around lunch, or later in the afternoon (before the kids get home from school). Maybe you even want to tackle email three or four times throughout the day, especially if you have a lot of email flow that needs to be handled.

Systemize this too, though, by scheduling your email time. You’ll find it helps keep you on track!

Keep Emails Short and Action Oriented

Another temptation busy moms are going to have to face down is the temptation of wanting to pour hundreds if not thousands of words down in each email, getting everything they have in their heads out onto this “digital paper” and getting it over to their intended recipient.

That’s a mistake.

Think about the last time you got a long email with paragraph after paragraph (after paragraph) of text, a natural wall of text, and remember the dread you felt having to read all of that.

Other people feel the same way.

You want to keep your email correspondence neat, organized, and action-oriented – saying everything that needs to be told and nothing more – so that you can jump into the rest of your day as quickly and as stress-free as possible.. Make sure to copy and paste the text to a free online grammar tool or you can subscribe to Grammarly.

Use Email Power Tools

Of course, an absolute “must-have” upgrade for any email system used by moms (or anyone else, for that matter) is a tracking tool.

Maybe you use Boomerang (super popular with Gmail users), Streak, or something else entirely – but you want to use something that tracks when your emails are opened and when they get read.

These fantastic (and invisible) tracking tools guarantee you never again have to worry about whether or not your message has been received and someone is just sitting on it for one reason or another.

Get your hands on email scheduling tools, too.

This will help you craft emails in advance to send them out automatically at times you specify, freeing you up in a big way. You’ll find tools like these to be indispensable when you have school-age children to keep track of!

How Many Emails Do Moms of School Kids Write Each Day?

Just how many emails are moms with school-aged children sending out every day?

You never really know for sure, especially since each day is an entirely different animal than the next.

At the same time, email is very much becoming the “go-to” means of communication for modern moms – and pretty much everyone else – so the chances are good that we are going to be sending more and more emails each day from here on out.

Use the tips and tricks above to better manage your email as a busy mom, and you’ll find it’s a lot less stressful than it would have been otherwise!