How Long to Bake Pork Chops at 350 – Simple Pork Chops Recipe

The best way to go from pork chops from the store to a delicious meal takes 3 quick steps: season, sear, bake, and last, serve.

The sear is the secret to your delicious dinner.

Let’s face it, cooking pork chops seems like an easy task, but it can be intimidating.

Now, with how long to bake pork chops at 350 step by step guide and pointers, baking pork chops is as easy as it gets.

Before we get to how to bake pork chops, you need to understand that it depends on a couple of factors, the first being the type of pork chops you have.

Boneless centre-cut pork chops require a lower temperature than bone-in pork chops that are about 1-inch thick. For the latter, you have to turn the pork chops only once.

The key to success is cooking your meat to the proper temperature for safety.

You can have bone-in and boneless pork chops in a number of ways, including broiled, grilled, skillet-cooked, roasted, and of course, baked.

Our favourite is baked, and today we will discuss how long to bake pork chops at 350.

The beauty of baked pork chops is that they can be stuffed, served with toppers or sauces, and breaded.

Your options are endless.

How to bake pork chops

Let’s go with the step by step guide for how to bake pork chops.

Step 1 – Trim pork chops

Before you start cooking, you want to trim your pork chops.

This will keep the dinner lean and free of any fatty bits.

Make sure to trim all visible fat from pork chops before cooking them.

Use a simple kitchen knife to cut off excess white fat around the edges of the chops.

Step 2 – Dry the pork chops

The best sear and to help seasonings adhere to pork chops, pat the chops with paper towels.

Step 3 – Seasoning

Any recipe can be improved just by adding salt and pepper. Pork chops are the same.

All you need is some salt and pepper. If you like, you can further enrich the taste and flavour of your pork chops by adding fresh herbs or other spices.

Step 4 – Sear before baking

This is the secret to a delicious dinner.

This is the key to how long to bake pork chops at 350.

You need a quick skillet sear. In an extra-large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of oil over medium to high heat.

Add your pork chop, 2 if they are bone-in, or 4 if they are boneless.

Cook for 6 minutes or until the surfaces are perfectly browned.

Flip the chops for an even sear.

Step 5 – Bake your chops

If you are using an oven-safe skillet, just place it directly in the electric oven.

However, if your skillet is not oven-going, you need to transfer the pork chops to a baking sheet.

Bake at 350F for 14 to 17 minutes, or until an instant-read thermometer registers 145F.

Cover your baked chops, and let them stand for 3 minutes.

How to pick pork chops?

Pork chops come from the upper back section of the hog.

There are different cuts. And it all comes down to preferences, and of course, in some cases, your budget.

These are the common cuts you can find at any supermarket:

  • Loin chop, which is a bone-in pork chop, also called porterhouse pork chop. It looks like a T-bone beef steak
  • Top loin chop, which is a boneless pork chop, also called New York pork chop or center-cut chop
  • Sirloin chop, which is usually bone-in
  • Rib chop is also bone-in pork chop, also known as ribeye pork chop

How do you know your meat is done?

If you are not one to watch the timer of your cooking, or you cook by instinct and taste, there is a way for how to test pork chops for doneness.

The thickness of the pork chop will determine the final cooking time, no matter whether it is bone-in or boneless.

Pork chops usually range in thickness from ¾ inch to 1-1/2 inches.

Pork chop which is cooked at 350F, followed by a 3-minute rest time is done the thermometer registers 145F.

It is just as safe as pork cooked to 160F. At the former doneness, the pork is pinker than most people are used to, but the meat is juicier and more flavorful.

Insert an instant-read thermometer in the thickest part of the pork chop, and make sure to avoid bone is using bone-in pork chops.

Simple pork chops recipe


– 4 boneless pork chops

– 1 teaspoon seasoned salt

– 1 teaspoon garlic powder

– 1 teaspoon dried parsley

– 4 teaspoons butter

– 4 teaspoons of mayonnaise

– 1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese

How to do it?

1. Preheat your oven at 350 F degrees (180 degrees C)

2. Place your chops in a baking ban, and then spread 1 teaspoon of butter over each chop, followed by 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise over butter

2. Season your chops with salt, pepper, and parsley. Sprinkled ¼ cup of cheese over the top of each pork chop

3. Bake for 35 minutes in a preheated oven, or until the internal temperature of the chops reaches 145F

Why not add some salt and pepper spices

Culinary experts from Perfectly Smoked recommend finishing off your pork chops on a tabletop grill to give it a crispier finish.

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