How Long Does CBD Last? Find Out Everything You Need to Know

For sure a bottle of pure gold like cannabidiol oil can be pretty expensive if you opt for high quality, and we know you would want to make it last as long as it can, right? If you are just using a few drops of CBD oil every day, that will eventually make your bottle last for a year. Now you must be wondering how long does the CBD last? Well, we have shared all the important details about CBD oil below, including how you can protect its shelf life.

How Long Does the CBD Last?

Generally, the CBD oil tends to last for about fourteen months to even two years, which depends on how you are taking care of its storage. Yes, storing your CBD oil in direct heat or sunlight will make it expire and turn bad before its due date. However, the CBD oils that are processed minimally or higher quality are said to last for longer periods. One thing to know about CBD oils is that pure CBD oil tends to last for a longer period than flavored ones. Why? The flavored ones tend to have ingredients in them that have their own shelf life, which will eventually affect your CBD oil’s longevity.

Can CBD Oil go Bad?

Yes, your very own CBD oil does get bad under some circumstances, especially if it is kept for longer periods than the usual two years and not taken proper care of or stored properly. Will it cause any harm? It would not necessarily cause you any harm if it’s gone bad, but it will also not provide you with pain relief since there will be greater chances of its therapeutic properties being affected. 

How to Know if your CBD Oil has gone bad?

Well, now you must be wondering if there is a way to find out if your CBD oil has gone bad or is affected. Well, you can know this by checking the taste and aroma of CBD oil. How? Well, CBD oil is said to transform its taste from nutty and earthy to something funky. You can also observe such changes by closely observing your CBD bottle, as it will turn into something dark and cloudy, reflecting its degradation. Your CBD oil will also start to change its color, and there you will know that it’s no longer fresh and good for use.

How Long Does the CBD Oil Stay in your System?

Another question that you may have in your mind is how long CBD stays in your system? Well, on consumption, the CBD oil tends to stay in your system for about a week or so, yes that is right. So, you must refrain from using it in cases where you have a drug test coming up.

How to Store Your CBD Oil?

We know how you would want to know what is the best way of storing your CBD oil. You can do so by choosing dark-colored amber bottles to store your CBD oil. Why? Because these bottles are proven to keep the product airtight and prevent it from getting damaged through direct heat. Is it necessary to store your CBD oil in the refrigerator? Well, no, it is not. You can simply store it at normal room temperature. It is also said to be the most favorable storage space.


So, by the end of this article, we hope we have answered all the basic information that you need to know about your CBD oil and things that can affect its shelf life and how you can protect it.