How good lighting can help sell your home

If you’re putting your home on the market, there are a few things you can do to help it perform it’s best. A few simple upgrades and repairs, decluttering and cleaning can all help present your home in the best light. But what about your home’s literal lighting? When picking new lights and lighting, there are a few things to consider:

Bad lighting can leave a bad first impression on buyers. If it’s too dark, your home will feel small, uninviting and even dirty. Old fluorescent lighting or retro and ornate fixtures will instantly date your home, even if the rest of it has some nice upgrades.

Here are some lighting tips that will help stage your home to sell:

Swap out dated fixtures.

If you still have a stained-glass fluorescent light fixture that covers a huge expanse of your kitchen ceiling, you’re not going to impress buyers. Same goes with an old fashioned, overly-ornate chandelier in the dining room. Swap out those dated fixtures for some simple, modern light fixtures. Edmonton electrical companies can help you make this simple upgrade.

Consider things in your home that might be darkening the rooms.

Dark paint colours, dark ceilings and dark furniture can make a room feel like a dark cave, even if the lighting is okay. If you don’t have the time or budget to paint the walls or replace these décor items, you can try to use some light-coloured bedding, throw blankets and curtains to lighten up the space. Try installing a large mirror on the wall. This can help open the room and will reflect any extra light too.

Cozy up the room with floor and table lamps.

If your general ambient lighting is just so-so, you can brighten and warm up a room using table and floor lamps. Add bedside lamps, desk lamps and coffee table lamps to complement a well-lit aesthetic appeal to those rooms. If you don’t have a surface area to put a lamp, consider a floor lamp. Learn more about decorating with floor and table lamps.

Make sure each room has good ambient lighting.

The ambient lighting in a room is the room’s general lighting. It is the fixture that turns on from a switch at the doorway. In older homes, living rooms and family rooms typically do not have ceiling fixtures for ambient lighting and rely solely on table and floor lamps. If this is the case in your home, make sure to install a ceiling light fixture in every room, including the hallway, entry way and above the stairway to the basement. You can accessorize this necessary ambient lighting with accent lighting and table lamps.

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