How Feeling Ashamed of Her Honeymoon Pics Made her Stronger

A fashion blogger was feeling ashamed of her honeymoon pics and decided to take a step into changing that.

Her story is simply amazing.

Meet Callie Thorpe. She is a fashion blogger. A very successful one. Callie had a thick skin to accept all things that were said to her over the past few years.

“I have been told that I am going to die, that I am crushing my organs and that I’m disgusting,” the Brit, 27, tells Us Weekly. “Some people just come and leave laughing emoji on photos of me in swimwear.” 

That’s cruel and could make an individual reach for its life. Offending comments and feeling disrespected from the public could lead to lots of mental issues.

Nothing hurts like seeing all people making fun of you.

Something snapped in her after the Honeymoon photos. Thorpe received numerous comments from the people who saw these pictures.

The ugly criticism didn’t stop. These internet bullies criticized every picture, every move, every breath she took.

Lots of women in her position would’ve to shake off these comments and move on. However, Callie wanted to stand up for her and make a statement.

With this, she stood up for every other person on this planet in the same position.

Here is the comment that makes her stronger and changes her life.

So, jet lag does things to a girl, like makes you irrationally cry over internet bullies who know nothing about you. Well I have a message to any ‘human beings’ that want to torment or bully me for my size, who want to go out of their way to stalk through my photos or seek me out on social media… Take a seat and ENJOY THE SHOW, that is my happy life. ❤ Grab some popcorn because it doesn’t get much better than this. So I have extra weight, I also have ridiculously wonderful friends, a great job and a person that loves me. ALL OF ME from head to toe, big or small, fat or thin. I have a constant, loving kind, companion, to travel with, to laugh with to ease the pain during the bad times in life. Sadly all you have is anger and hatred. So I’ll take being fat, I’d rather be overweight and full of love than an image of perfection and lonely. But on this final note I send you nothing but love and light and hope that one day you get even a tiny drop of what I have because it sure sounds lonely on that pedestal of yours up there. Photo by @kirstymackenziephotography

A photo posted by Callie Thorpe (@calliethorpe) on

You go, girl!

It’s time to stand up to these internet bullies. They are crossing every possible line. Bullying should be illegal. It could lead to more serious problems.

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Source: US Magazine

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