How Does Your Web Hosting Affect Your SEO Ranking?

The online marketplace is growing at a rapid pace which is making organizations more eager to see their landing pages on the top of the search results. The present world is all about SEO and if your business is failing to appear on the first page then, odds are there that nobody would ever notice it.

As experts say “the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of the Google

This idiom represents the fact that nobody actually pays attention to the results appearing on the second page of the Google search ranking. A website that works smoothly without any glitch is more likely the one that catches the attention of Google and it is only possible if the website is hosted on the right server. Most people ask “is my hosting really affects my business SEO?” The answer is big fat YES!

Here are some facts that define how poor hosting can affect the SEO of your website and why it is crucial to select a reliable hosting for your website. Check this site out.

Effect of Poor Hosting on Website SEO

  • Server downtime make your website suffer

This is the very first thing one should consider while choosing website hosting. If a hosting server has downtime frequently then, it is a sign that it is not a reliable one and you should move ahead. The server downtime will not only make your website suffer but also plays a role in bringing your SERPs ranking down. Let’s take an example to explain the concept. Imagine you have a website that was previously ranking on the first page of the search engine. Now, it is down and could not be found on Google. In this situation what would you do? As Google will see as a glitch in your website and automatically degrade the ranking. In addition, the downtime will also increase the bounce rate as visitors won’t be able to find the website after clicking on the link.

  • Increase the page loading time

The second most important factor you should consider while testing web hosting is the loading time. If a website takes a lot of time to load then, it can surely make your best SEO strategies go into the drains. Matt Cuts who is the head of the Google web spam team has recently announced that websites with a higher loading time have lower chances of ranking on the first page of the Google search result.

The right web hosting always decreases the website loading time by implementing the latest cache tools and technologies. Superb hosting and help you build your successful online presence in 2023, checkout packages from SiteGround Hosting. Always remember one thing, the lower your website loading time will be the higher views you will receive.

  • Don’t fall for the shared hosting

The shared hosting may sound cost-effective but it can cause you big trouble in the long run. The shared hosting allows you to run multiple websites on a single hosting but the fact is you are directly compromising the quality of hosting. Google doesn’t like websites that are hosted on shared hosting as it is against SEO ethics. Another main disadvantage of shared hosting is spamming. The shared hosting provider serves anyone including the spammers which can make your website getting blocked from the search. In the end, it is highly suggested by the professional SEO service providers to avoid shared hosting for your website.